sexual function

  1. Hans

    Is there something like “the best aphrodisiac”? Which has been your favorite?
  2. Hans

    How often should you have sex? Sexual frequency set in perspective How do you view libido and sexual frequency? What has helped the most to improve your sexual frequency?
  3. Hans

    I thought I had high libido…I was delusional What has been your experience with libido and refractory period? Have you had a similar experience?
  4. Hans

    Weed gave me ED, anhedonia and sexual anxiety What has been your experience with weed?
  5. miquelangeles

    Instructions for the Sexual Sun Bath (1940) 😃

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  6. Hans

    Shilajit on testosterone, dopamine and sexual function What has been your experience with shilajit?
  7. A

    17 YEAR OLD -- NEED to restore health/libido etc

    I don't know whats going on and what the cause of my issues are. When I was 15/16 had a very strong libido, multiple strong erections a day. Now I am 17 and rarely ever get an erection, maybe one or two a day and if that happens it is mild, weak blood flow to the area, libido has drastically...
  8. Hans

    Shedding light on the 1 thing an Alpha Energy Male needs to do more of

    This is really one thing most men can benefit more from.
  9. haidut

    Male Sexual Function Does NOT Require Estrogen

    It is a "sacred" mantra in the medical and sports worlds - i.e. "estrogen is crucial for males, without it they won't have any sex life". This mantra is also part of the justification given for the currently ongoing COVID-19 clinical trials with males receiving estrogen in the hope it will...