1. JamesGatz


    Hey man, Some of you really think having RAMPANT SEXUAL PARTNERS is healthy man - lets break it down man: A) what do animals do before they have sex? They TEST each other man, they bluff-charge each other, smack each other around a bit, THEY STRESS EACH OTHER OUT to ensure the other ANIMAL IS...
  2. TopG

    I‘m an „Incel“ - Suicidal Thoughts

    Hey everybody, I‘m 19 and an absolute incel. It drives me crazy and I don’t know what else to do. Please help me. I thought about taking steroids to perhaps produce the right pheromones to then attract a significant other. I had times where I had high testosterone but that still didn’t help...
  3. L

    Unprotected sex with vaccinated woman

    Hello everyone! I started dating this really hot vaccinated (Pfizer) woman. We've been using condoms to have sex so far but since we are getting more and more serious, is just a matter of time until she suggests we stop using them. I read somewhere that you could get "vaccinated" through raw...
  4. haidut

    The "incel" phenomenon is likely a deliberate government policy/psyop

    It is hard to believe that the government would engage in such absurd actions, but according to the article below the US military was convinced as far back as early 20th century that sexual DIS-satisfaction was key to making men angry, aggressive and homicidal and the military designed official...
  5. IPlayDart

    Insane Craving For Sex

    The last days I‘ve been having this insane craving for sex with a young woman my age. Problem is, I cannot fulfill that craving. Currently on day 56 of not ejaculating and it’s driving me nuts. What’s the best place to meet girls and get laid? Not planning on buying a hooker. Any foods or...
  6. JamesGatz

    Male baboons that harass/assault females are more likely to mate with them

    I thought men on the forum would find the following studies interesting If you're triggered by the study or trying to insinuate something then please keep it to yourself because I'm just stating facts Specifically, we show that...
  7. ValeryZeSpanich

    Isn’t pleasure an illusion after all ?

    If we remove the reflex, is sexual enjoyment anything other than just an electric shock triggering spasms for a few seconds? Is the feeling of love fundamentally anything other than a state of physiological over-excitement (a kind of amphetamine)? Do you also think that the pleasure is real or...
  8. 3

    Can one regrow hair while ejaculating every day?

    Do you think its possible to be truely healthy - given one is eating peaty, meeting mineral requirements, getting sunlight, exercise, socialising etc - but also ejaculating everyday? is it possible for one to regrow lost hair/ regrow ones hairline while ejaculating everyday? i'm really not...
  9. JamesGatz

    Is there really a 50/50 chance of your baby being male/female ? Is there really no factors that increased the likelihood of a specific sex being born

    I was reading a few studies and this story - " Some pregnant women may believe that environmental factors may play a role in what sex baby they have, while others look at their family...
  10. username

    Erectile dysfunction at 29. No morning wood for years (unless eating lots of starch and fat before bed).

    I am 29 years old. I come from adhering fairly strictly to the carnivore diet for almost 3 years. I would cheat from time to time. I started eating more carbs and more peaty things around 6 months ago. Morning wood is very uncommon for me and has been for many years. I have noticed the only time...
  11. A

    How to turn straight

    The thing is, i m romantical attracted just to girls. My first crushes were girls, i watched just anime where i wanted to kiss /hugs girls but never sex. I watch gay porn and i fantasize and put me in the role of woman. I also watch straight porn and lesbian porn. I dont want a relationship with...
  12. U

    Effects of nofap on women?

    I’m a young female and I have sex once or twice a week, but I stopped masturbation and sometimes even withhold my orgasms. I am aware that the negative hormonal effects of masturbation is worse in men, but I am curious the effect it has on women. I have noticed that my body hair grows slower...
  13. L

    Sexual Liberation The Downfall Of A Society

    How interesting: Sex and culture by Joseph Unwin He studied 80 different nations and 6 civilizations throughout history, examined their individual rises and falls, and concluded that the causes of their falls were largely...
  14. haidut

    Male Sexual Function Does NOT Require Estrogen

    It is a "sacred" mantra in the medical and sports worlds - i.e. "estrogen is crucial for males, without it they won't have any sex life". This mantra is also part of the justification given for the currently ongoing COVID-19 clinical trials with males receiving estrogen in the hope it will...
  15. M

    Sexual Dysfunction

    I'm still a young man (32), but I find sex to be exhausting, painful and generally health-deranging. It is of course also pleasurable, but more often than not I'm finding that the pain outweighs the pleasure, and I seem to be more inclined towards a near-celibate life. Am I completely alone...
  16. Libra guy

    How To Get Erection That Points To The Ceiling

    I have tried everything i get hard erections but they only go straight out what needs to be done to get those pornstar like hard ons and does anyone elses erection ust go straight like arrow?
  17. S

    Edging Without Ejaculation? Is It Safe?

    Hey. Maybe this is not the right forum, i have asked and taken a look around other forums that are more suited for this type of thing but i always like to get an opinion from you lot! So to combat my premature ejaculation i am practising edging 5 days of the week, either using a fleshlight or...
  18. haidut

    Record High Number Of People Are Not Having Sex, The Young Lead The Pack

    Yet another study that corroborates the striking decline of health in Western nations, except that this time it is not physiological disease. The "Young" Have Now Become The Old This new study found that a record high number of people is not having ANY sex, with the most pronounced "sex drought"...
  19. seano

    Toxin-less Lubricant?

    Straight to the point: - Is there a toxin-less lubricant which is compatible with condoms?