serotonin syndrome

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    !COVID-19 or Tryptophan Syndrome

    SARS-CoV-2, a new virus, which has been causing the catastrophic pandemic in the world in 2020, triggers numerous physiologic changes in humans, with potentially fatal evolution due to COVID-19. COVID-19 can trigger immunoparalysis with deep and silent immunosuppression and a state of tolerance...
  2. haidut

    Many people may suffer from chronic serotonin syndrome

    A very interesting article, which calls out the widespread usage of serotonergic drugs (usually SSRI), and argues that their widespread use may have created an "epidemic" of a chronic, milder version of the (in)famous serotonin syndrome (SS). Currently, mainstream medicine does not recognize...
  3. deliciousfruit

    sick from birth and recently disabled - slighlty improving with peating

    Hi, thought I'd introduce myself since I've been lurking on this forum for the past few weeks. Big thanks for all the content by the way, amazing stuff. Quick summary of health: Overweight/fat, Asperger's like social interaction difficulty, very bad anxiety (not the panic kind, more the...
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    Does "improving" Serotonin Receptors Help Or Hinder Serotonin Sensitivity?

    So I've been using this audio maker Sapien Medicine (Youtube) and he has this new audio for healing Amygdala. In it there is a serotonin component and the maker explains it like this: "...It pretty much just repairs the serotonin receptors in the amygdala. When I mention develop, it means that...
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    The Dark Side Of Serotonin Exposed By Haidut In 70 Studies

    Below is the commentary of @haidut on 70 studies regarding serotonin. The links lead to the thread where haidut often provides some direct quotes from the study (and of course the links to the actual studies). I hope that with providing this as a whole it aids in learning in effective way about...
  6. haidut

    Famotidine Is A Powerful Anti-serotonin Drug, Can Even Treat Serotonin Syndrome

    I wanted to make this as a separate thread, given how important anti-serotonin chemicals for metabolism and how few of them are available OTC. It looks like our old friend famotidine is a powerful inhibitor of serotonin synthesis in the GI tract, and the mechanism of action is the H2 antagonism...
  7. haidut

    Delirium In ICU Patients May Be Just Serotonin Syndrome

    I have several friends who are ER physicians and one of them works in the ICU as well. The topic of post-surgical delirium has come up many times and all of them vehemently denied that serotonin has anything to do with it. The current view is that the mechanism and cause is unknown and heredity...
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    A Case Of Serotonin Syndrome Following Cyproheptadine Withdrawal

    A word of caution A Case of Serotonin Syndrome Following Cyproheptadine Withdrawal The user had "only" been taking 4mg twice daily for 3 weeks. (4mg is one pill, it is not a huge amount compared to what is used in many studies or to what some have used on this forum including myself).
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