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serotonin receptors

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    Does "improving" Serotonin Receptors Help Or Hinder Serotonin Sensitivity?

    So I've been using this audio maker Sapien Medicine (Youtube) and he has this new audio for healing Amygdala. In it there is a serotonin component and the maker explains it like this: "...It pretty much just repairs the serotonin receptors in the amygdala. When I mention develop, it means that...
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    The Dark Side Of Serotonin Exposed By Haidut In 70 Studies

    Below is the commentary of @haidut on 70 studies regarding serotonin. The links lead to the thread where haidut often provides some direct quotes from the study (and of course the links to the actual studies). I hope that with providing this as a whole it aids in learning in effective way about...