serotonin antagonist

  1. P

    Cypro made me hallucinate

    So i've been taking cypro past the last 5 days. I was tooking 2mg on lunch and 2mg on dinner. It was being amazingly therapeutic for me (i was happier, seeing colors more vibrant, enjoying more life, recovering from the learned helplessness i was stuck in, etc). Today i decided to take 2mg on...
  2. F

    Mirtazapine Sources? (And overwhelming positive experience)

    Hi all, I have been taking mirtazapine for about a week now, at a dose of approximately 2mg nightly. (via the "Mirataz" feline formulation, lol) I struggle with excess cortisol/adrenaline and I find that this medication works for me in the same way as cyproheptadine, but with more mental...
  3. NewACC

    Study on acute and chronic effects of serotonin (5HT) antagonists on serotonin binding sites "The administration of 14 daily doses of cyproheptadine, BC-105, metergoline and methysergide induced a marked decrease in the number (B max) of 3H-spiroperidol binding sites (5HT2 sites) in frontal cortex, when assayed 48 h after the last dose; the apparent...
  4. NewACC

    Study says: Cyproheptadine is Serotonin Antagonist, Doesn't Block Dopamine and Noradrenaline Abstract "...Cyproheptadine and LSD, two known antagonists of the peripheral effects of 5-HT, were administered i.v. to conscious rabbits at different times before the intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of 5-HT, NAD or dopamine...
  5. NewACC

    Platelet Serotonin Uptake Sites Increased in Drinkers of Ayahuasca "An increased number of binding sites (Bmax) in the platelets of ayahuasca drinkers was found, while the dissociation constant (Kd) remained the same for both group."
  6. Drareg

    Regulation of systemic energy homeostasis by serotonin in adipose tissues

    Not sure if this was posted on here yet, it’s interesting that 5ht is so active in adipose tissue. Maybe topical application of a 5HT3 antagonist on adipose tissue may be helpful for people struggling in this area? Inhibition of 5-HT...
  7. C

    Feverfew/Silk Tree as Replacement for Cypro/Meter

    What are your guys's thoughts about this? I can't use metergoline as an anti-serotonin supp because when I stop I get horrific symptroms of DAWS. Cypro is okay, but I don't like the dopamine receptor antagonizing effects and I am also finding it very hard to stop. Any time I stop the cypro, I...
  8. Jwicks1995

    SSRI withdrawal - Acetylcholine

    I need further resources to aid in me reducing my SSRI doseage. I've been plagued with them for about 2 years now and only got on them because of misdiagnosis and other health issues i.e SLEEP APNEA. My cognition and libido are destroyed and i find myself having to use a milligram scale in order...
  9. haidut

    LSD Enters Clinical Trials For Alzheimer Disease (AD)

    For the last 5+ decades, Big Pharma and public health officials together with the entire law enforcement apparatus have been propagating myths, lies and outright fraud in regards to psychedelic drugs and especially about LSD. This attitude grew out of the civil rights movement and protests in...
  10. haidut

    Metergoline - Liquid Serotonin Antagonist For Lab/R&D

    This chemical metergoline is a very interesting substance and is a continuation of my search for chemicals that combine several beneficial characteristics into a single molecule/entity. Metergoline belongs to the same class of drugs as bromocriptine, lisuride, cabergoline, terguride, etc...
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