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  1. llian

    Brain Cancer stage 4 glioblastoma giant cells. What options are available?

    This is about a family member. She is 56yo. This morning she was diagnosed with head cancer... doctors gave her a short term to live. They want to put her on chemotherapy. What can i do for her ? Is there any way possible to reverse this ? @haidut @mrchibbs @Tarmander
  2. haidut

    Epilepsy, As A Result Of Brain Injury (TBI), Is Caused By Endotoxin Receptor (TLR4)

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a pathology affecting most often military staff exposed to explosions, competitive athletes in contact sports (especially in the NFL), accident victims, etc but lately has also been shown to occur in more benign situations such as repeated low-grade impacts such...
  3. haidut

    Vitamin D May Be A Safe, Seizure-minimizing Epilepsy Treatment

    Note that the title is the actual opinion of the study authors, and not my interpretation. The study lasted 12 weeks and used 5,000 IU vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) daily. Beneficial effects on seizures were visible after 6 weeks and were correlated with normalizing vitamin D levels in the...
  4. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 5-20-16 Exploring Alternatives

    The official topic is Exploring Alternatives, and covers a lot of additional subjects: Genetics Emphysema Clonidine Seizures Artificial sweeteners Shaky hands Candida
  5. haidut

    Estrogen Causes Epilepsy/seizures; Aromatase Inhibitors Are Viable Treatment

    In perhaps what is one of the most striking and open confirmations of Ray's views, this study finally acknowledges what the man has been saying for years. Estrogen is a major cause (and maybe even THE cause) of epilepsy and its associated seizures, and inhibiting estrogen synthesis may be a...
  6. haidut

    Estradiol In Birth Control Pills Causes Seizures

    After 5 decades of public lies that estrogen-based birth control pills are safe, this study now finally says what Ray has been saying for years - estrogen is a brain excitant and causes seizures. And not only does it cause seizures but it causes the type that lead to brain damage. I am not sure...