1. JamesGatz

    Is seafood really safe ? It seems that many people I meet don't tend to have positive reactions with the ocean or any food from it

    I was thinking the other day how everyone says how dirty sea salt is on the forum - pickling salt seems to be a general recommendation for how dirty sea salt can be - but shouldn't this same logic be applied to all sea food from the ocean ? Nuclear waste, pollution, and cancer rates are...
  2. Rinse & rePeat

    EASY "PEATY" PROTEINS - Recipes with photos & Step By Step Instructions

    "Besides fasting, or chronic protein deficiency, the common causes of hypothyroidism are excessive stress or “aerobic” (i.e. anaerobic) exercise, and diets containing beans, lentils, nuts, unsaturated fats (including carotene), and undercooked broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and mustard greens...
  3. Mito

    Seafood Study Finds Plastic In All Samples

    “A study of five different seafoods has found traces of plastic in every sample tested. Researchers bought oysters, prawns, squid, crabs and sardines from a market in Australia and analysed them using a newly developed method that identifies and measures five different plastic types...
  4. L

    Is Sushi Safe To Eat?

    I enjoy eating sushi, especially nigiri. I think I can eat it every day without getting bored from it. But since the fish is uncooked, I worry about contamination, pathogens and gut infections. Do you think it’s safe to eat sushi, microbial-wise?
  5. haidut

    The Protein In Fish, Not Omega-3, May Be Protective Against Brain Disease

    Over the last 2 decades thousands of studies were published on the purported benefits of omega-3 fats commonly found in cold water fish. However, every large human trial with omega-3 either failed to find benefit or even found increased risk of harm. Despite that fact, there is very strong...
  6. haidut

    Protein High In Glycine And/or Taurine May Prevent Obesity

    The study tried to prevent obesity in rodents fed a very fattening diet, so this should be helpful for people trying to lose weight. Both amino acids are in the list of Peat-approved, and one of the richest sources is apparently scallops. Since scallops is considered shellfish I guess it would...