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  1. Nicholas

    Shellfish & Minimizing Histamine

    Any thoughts on the most ideal way to approach shellfish and potential histamines? I don't have access to a fresh fish market so most stuff i can get is shipped a little ways or shipped frozen (even though i live 4hrs. from the Gulf of Mexico). I can get gulf oysters pre-shucked pretty fresh...
  2. natedawggh

    Shrimp And Weight Loss?

    I have been losing weight regularly for the first time since Peating, and while I've not been drinking any alcohol, I seem to have noticed it is only happening when I'm eating a lot of shrimp. I take some supplements that are in shrimp, like copper and zinc and b vitamins. About a month ago I...
  3. Velve921

    What Specifically Causes Shell Fish Allergies?

    What causes shellfish allergies? Iodine? If so how does it work exactly? Can it be reversed?
  4. Velve921

    Benefits Of Oysters

    So I recently added in oysters to increase my zinc levels...has anyone noticed significant benefits when adding in oysters? I was also told that oysters contain thyroid? Something to do with it being a non vertebrae animal? Love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!
  5. B

    Getting Tinned/canned Oysters And Mussels In Non-PUFA Oil?

    Anybody manage to find mussels or oysters tinned in an oil that isn't PUFA? All I can find is crap like sunflower and cottonseed. :cry:
  6. D

    eating cod liver (not the oil)

    Would eating 4oz of actual cod liver every day be considered toxic?
  7. Velve921


    I have been Peating for 6 months...however I've still been eating meat once a day. Now I will be switching to meat only 1-2 times a week and doing more white fish. Has anyone noticed major results from cutting back on meat?
  8. Velve921

    Benefits Of ShellFish

    I've heard Ray talk about the benefits of shellfish pertaining to selenium and low pufas...any other large benefits? I currently do shrimp twice a week...besides shrimp should I be consuming other fish regularly as well? If so how often? I really like scallops. What are everyones thoughts?
  9. loess

    Is it safe to eat food from the West Pacific?

    Pacific oysters safe? Living in the midwest, I normally buy Blue Point oysters which are harvested on the east coast. I've been in northern California for a few weeks and will be staying here for a while. There are fresh local oysters available everywhere, but are they safe to consume nowadays...
  10. G

    Consuming The Whole Fish and Fish Head

    I eat and enjoy all types of organ meats. I recently came across information on fish heads as well as eating the whole fish (thyroid etc). I am severely ignorant on these topics, however, I have been trying to research more about it and was wondering if anyone can lend a suggestion regarding...
  11. ddjd

    Are Mussels Ok On Peat Diet?

    I can get mussels really cheap and they're really delicious. Are they a good alternative to oysters?
  12. Dan W

    Why Crown Prince Oysters?

    I buy canned oysters (fresh oysters are expensive where I live), and decided I should "upgrade" from my local grocery store's generic brand to Crown Prince brand. I was disappointed to find that the oysters seemed to be lower quality than the generic brand, falling apart in the can despite...
  13. F

    Shopping For Fish?

    All the low fat fish are somewhat considered lower quality, second class. They are not commonly sold fresh and the frozen fish seem to me to be of dangerously low quality, especially that coming from third world. Plastic pieces frozen into fish, weird ammonia smell is common. I mean the low fat...
  14. Dan W

    Frozen oyster/shrimp sources?

    Anyone have any recommendations for frozen-shipped seafood? My local stores aren't reliable for non-farmed, non-canned oysters/shrimp. So far Cajun Grocer looks decent for gulf shrimp. You can get them for around $12/lb shipped (peeled and deveined, individually-quick-frozen) if you get the...
  15. L


    I'm guessing these are good to go..even though they're aren't a shell fish but it is a mollusc ..and it tastes awesome fry in coconut oil or Kerry golds butter.
  16. L

    shell fish

    Im a little confused ..aren't shell fish such as Oyster, shrimp high in tryptophan?? if so , why are they good to go in Peat's diet????I though the idea was to keep serotin levels as low as possible??
  17. T

    Blue mussles I only can get these ones here in Sweden are these as good as oysters like Ray suggest to eat? thanks Thomas
  18. B

    Eating fish, the frozen fillets?

    What do you think of eating some, but not too much fish, the frozen fillets of alaskan pollock and cod or some salmon?? Its low in fat, bellow 1 gram per 100' gram and not too high in heavy metals?
  19. sprinter

    Is Tilapia Ok?

    I've seen people recommend cod and sole. I've also read that tilapia is dirty and high in PUFA, but its much lower in PUFA than oysters and other bivalves. Is it good peat eating?
  20. A

    What brand of UK Oysters?

    Had my first can of Oysters ever tonight, they were pretty bad, not awful. BUt they were (1) put in sunflower oil and (2) canned in Korea - ha! I rinsed them out in a sieve and cooked them in tons of coconut oil. Really can't face the idea of fresh raw oysters. So - brands and source for good...
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