1. Borz

    Help with Dissolving Testosterone in StressNon

    Hello everyone, I have some micronized Testosterone base from PPL, I want to dissolve this in a new bottle of StressNon (Idealabs' Pregnenolone supplement). I want 1 mg T per drop. StressNon has 360 drops total. I think this means I need to put in 360 mg of T base in the bottle, correct? I have...
  2. Highserotonin90

    Progesterone Cream On Scrotum

    Progesterone Cream on Scrotum increase estrogen or DHT ? Thanks

    Applying Idealabs Supplements On Scrotum

    I've posted before on the putting pansterone, androsterone, vitamin K and thyromax on my scrotum with some notable success. Haidut recommended I tried pure T3. Well here are a few observations: -two drops of 8mcg of tyronene each on each testicle before bed: very sound sleep, and sex drive and...
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