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  1. A

    Found a new ingredient in biscuits called Interesterified fat. Is it healthy?

    While I was searching for a snack with low PUFA, I found this biscuits called Osmania Biscuits from Karachi bakery. But on the ingredient section, I found something called interesterified fat which seemingly changes PUFA to saturated fat. One of the advantages it has over hydrogenation is that...
  2. Mauritio

    Dietary saturated fats increases longevity more than PUFA

    Interesting study on the influence of various fatty acids on longevity in mice on calorie restriction (with a few caveats). The mice eating saturated fats lived the longest followed by the high omega 6 group and the high omega 3 group. So there is a perfect correlation between the degree of...
  3. youngsinatra

    The Emergence Diet : Get Out of Torpor! „ In this video I ask how mammals get out of torpor. Grizzly bears are the most appropriate model organism: monogastric, large-bodied, omnivorous hibernators. We also happen to have very detailed knowledge about their diet and it...
  4. Mauritio

    Alcohol only causes fatty liver when consumed with PUFA not with SFAs

    In this study they authors studied how the intake of saturated and unsaturated fats affect the effect of alchohol on the body. They looked at he usual things that alcohol consumption causes in the body (necrosis, fatty liver and inflammation), while also feeding the animals fish oil, corn oil...
  5. A.D.

    VIDEO: Resurrection Of The Carnivore Diet (Fat vs Sugar - Mini Documentary)

    This new mini-documentary agrees with the dangers of PUFA, however, what seems anti-peat is the complete demonization of ALL sugar. I'm curious of everyone's thoughts.
  6. Twohandsondeck

    Finally becoming immune to sunburn, here's how:

    Answer: Eat lots of raw, unpasteurized animal fat. Raw butter, raw cream, raw milk, raw cheese, raw bone marrow, raw eggs, raw animal flesh, any and all of it. Add raw honey with all of these foods to increase their absorption. I've lived in Florida (the United State closest to the equator) for...
  7. Apple

    Palmitic acid promotes cancer ?

    Published: 10 November 2021 Palmitic acid (PA), but not oleic acid or linoleic acid, promotes metastasis in oral carcinomas and melanoma in mice. Tumours from mice that were fed a short-term palm-oil-rich diet (PA), or tumour cells that were briefly exposed to PA in vitro, remained highly...
  8. haidut

    Protein and saturated fats beneficial, PUFA detrimental for thyroid

    A good new study, which again confirms that saturated fat is anything but detrimental to our health. Most of the studies until now demonstrating improved thyroid function from saturated fat used coconut oil, and that has led to attacks from mainstream medicine that this pro-thyroid and healthy...
  9. E

    Sterculia oil, SCD1 and inflammation

    To my surprise I didnt find a post on this so I figured I'd make one, because I want to know your opinions. So many of us know Brad Marshall for his Croissant diet, a diet high in stearic acid. Recently he has been researching and writing a lot about the role of the enzyme SCD1 which regulates...
  10. A

    Am I fat like a wild pig?

    So I have been doing I would say a peat inspired diet for about a month now and have gained about 30 pounds. And probably it is half muscle and half fat and water. I would say I averaged 20-30 pounds overweight most of my life prior to the keto and carnivore diet I was on. About 2 years...
  11. Hans

    PUFAs, cardiolipin, ATP production and obesity

    As we all know, PUFAs are a metabolic toxin. One of the mechanisms how a high fat diet promotes obesity and metabolic syndrome is by remodeling cardiolipin. Cardiolipin is a unique mitochondrial phospholipid that contains 4 fatty acids. Its main goal is to stabilize the complexes of the electron...
  12. 3

    More Saturated fat seems to have lessened my adhd symptoms + reduced my facial bloating.

    hey, relating to edema and food consumption i was checking out edwardjedmonds blog - he emphasises the value of saturated fat in the diet - claiming glucose is a primitive and inefficient energy source) ( i think i read he was a powerlifter) ray also said that the muscles at rest consume...
  13. haidut

    PUFA is catabolic, SFA is anti-catabolic (anabolic)

    During the early days of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) science, it quickly became apparent that the ability of AAS to preserve and/or increase muscle mass was related to their ability to reduce/block the expression of amino acid catabolic enzymes such as tyrosine aminotransferase (TAT). TAT...
  14. J

    How Much Dietary Fat Do You Actually Need For Hormones?

    I haven't found a good thread on this, but read a few posts of people saying their T skyrockets on a low-fat diet, which goes against what you hear in a lot of communities, being that fat is a very important precursor for hormones. I myself am experiencing with a lower-fat diet at the moment to...
  15. pauljacob

    Eggs Fried In Butter

    Dr. Peat mentioned in his Kmud 9.18.9 interview, that regular store eggs cannot be considered saturated because they are fed a PUFA feed. I'm Vegetarian and rely on 2 eggs a day for my protein, and my questions is: can frying eggs in butter neutralize or reduce the impact of PUFA in the eggs or not?
  16. M

    The Most OVERLOOKED Peat Quote

    "I think a person of average size should have at least 180 grams per day, maybe an average of about 250 grams." In my opinion this is the most overlooked and important of Peat quotes for people on this forum to read. Many people here experiencing health problems, or even creating new health...
  17. LucyL

    BK To Feed Cattle Lemongrass, Positive Or No?

    tweet from Burger King today - I'm suspicious that just adding one substance to the diet can decrease emissions by 33% - that seems disproportionate. Lemongrass is an herb, probably cows would eat it anyway, but are they just going to be fed the plant? Or will it be some extract/lemongrass...
  18. Twohandsondeck

    Is The Fat Content Of Grain-fed Milk More Estrogen Than Grass-fed?

    I know that the fat content of the meat is more estrogenic when a cow is fed grain, but is the milk also even though the cow has 7 stomachs, rumen, etc?
  19. Jam


    MORTALITY FROM COVID-19 INCREASES WITH UNSATURATED FAT, AND MAY BE REDUCED BY EARLY CALCIUM AND ALBUMIN SUPPLEMENTATION - Hypocalcemia, hypoalbuminemia occur early during severe COVID-19 - UFAs cause MSOF, inflammation resembling severe COVID-19 - Mortality from COVID-19 correlates with...
  20. haidut

    Cholesterol And SFA Are Anabolic; PUFA/MUFA Akin To Chemical Castration

    A pair of interesting study and a commentary in the highly respected Journals of Gerontology. Namely, higher cholesterol intake is associated with much higher lean muscle mass accrual as a result of weight lifting. Interestingly, higher protein intake was not. Even more interestingly, and much...
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