1. A

    High cellular Sodium - How to lower?

    General question, but how does one lower excess tissue or cellular sodium levels if one is hypothyroid, without resorting to thyroid medications? Does lowering dietary salt help in this case or not? Thanks
  2. haidut

    STUDY: high serotonin linked to dementia; MEDIA: low serotonin linked to dementia

    Once again, a level of misreporting that I am much more included to ascribe to malice than incompetence simply because most of the popular press outlets covering a specific scientific study get the study authors to proof-read the press article before publishing. So, for patently false press...
  3. C

    BIG SALT Exists! Video Claims Food Processors Manipulate Research

    Big Salt exists as the food processing industry because nobody's choking down salt free hamburgers or pizzas. A government anti-salt crusade would destroy them. This means there's far more money in salt than salt restriction imo. Research on salt has been manipulated according to this video...
  4. cs3000

    SIPPING sugar / sweetened water every 5 minutes for stress relief

    Sugars acute anti-stress property isnt just sugar itself, it's the sweetness signalling that creates rapid adjustment to CRH stress neurons (at first i thought that was due to the dopamine release , but that doesn't look likely actually) Corticotropin Releasing Hormone releases ACTH which...
  5. youngsinatra

    Drinking Sole-Water In The Morning (Profoundly Anti-Stress)

    I recently made myself some sole-water (hyperconcentraded salt water) and added two teaspoons of that (roughly 1000mg sodium) into my morning glass of mineral water. Each morning I feel an immediate stress relief, increase in body temperature and pulse, warmth, my blue-ish hands (tend to have...
  6. Connor888

    Best way to correct chronically high adrenalin?

    My basal temps have always been low. But through the day they have usually appeared normal.. high sometimes, with a pulse of 90-100+ - I recently started measuring my temperature 30-60 minutes AFTER a meal instead, and I found my body temperature can fall as much as 37.2c - > to 36.7c when I do...
  7. mantq

    The Metabolic Effects of Dietary Salt Intake: High Salt intake Leads to Cardiovascular and Metabolic Changes

    Hey everyone! Found an interesting illustration regarding salt, thought many of you would find this rather interesting and perhaps useful :)
  8. A

    Difference between Salt and Sodium?

    After reviewing Ray's and Georgi's writings on salt I decided to start tracking it and making a concerted effort to get more, as I've been deficient lately. Some great links below: More Dietary Salt Increases Urea Synthesis And Energy...
  9. M

    The One Thing From Experience That Has Solved Most Issues

    I have seen so many posts about getting enough calcium, b vitamins, zinc, copper, etc. I see barely any posts talking about the one thing that EVERYONE needs more than anything. Potassium. Most people do not get enough and even if they do, they also get too much sodium which depletes their...
  10. cs3000

    Fixed gum swelling inflammation with salt water swishes

    anecdotal report i thought might be worth posting for ppl looking yesterday I woke up with swollen gums in between 2 teeth for some reason. saw a study where swishing salt water for 1 minute was as effective as an antibiotic mouthwash, due to changing ph of the mouth and some other stuff. they...
  11. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview December 20 2021 - One Radio Network

    Dr. Peat will write his newsletter quarterly starting next year.
  12. atlee7757

    SALT and Muscle Cramps

    I have had muscle cramping issues my entire life. Mostly lower leg, but have also gotten them in many other places. Usually when trying to activate a muscle that is already under some form of stress. I have tried every common remedy without success: Mg, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium...
  13. V

    Salt intake

    every time I drink water because I feel dehydrated and I pee dark yellow, I drink water, but after that I end up having cold extremities, cold in general and I urinate very transparent quickly. Could this be because my body is so lacking in minerals and bottled water today is almost all weakly...
  14. haidut

    Simple saline solution stops SARS-CoV-2...and maybe all viruses?

    More news adding to the evidence that COVID-19 and its associated virus are little more than a media circus, at least when it comes to the gauging the pandemic's true danger to our health. We already have at least two amazing studies showing vitamins D/E can not only stop/treat COVID-19, but are...
  15. D

    Salt has DROPPED my blood pressure up to 40 points!

    Lots of hypothroid symptoms. 39 years old lean male. Always battling my health issues, I recently started taking my blood pressure again, as its always been onthe high side. The highest it was was 140/90! Ive never avoided salt, I eat regular junk food. Been salting more and more and yeah it...
  16. Twohandsondeck

    Cheap mineral stack (immediate effects)

    Rudimentary but highly effective: + xx cups of water to thirst +2 cups red grapes or coconut water (as a potassium source) +1 teaspoon of a quality salt (as a sodium and chloride source) +2 cups milk (as a calcium source) +75mg of magnesium citrate (or another magnesium chelate) >>> consume in...
  17. haidut

    Serotonin (and SSRI drugs) can cause anxiety and PTSD

    Yet another great study exposing just how much of a "happy hormone" serotonin really is. As usual, the popular press article does everything possible to avoid pointing the finger at serotonin and even engages in misdirection. For example, it says that SERT is the main target of drugs like...
  18. eeeeeeeeeeee

    How much sodium should I really be getting?

    I know that RP suggests getting more sodium/salt than the FDA does but how much is really too much/not enough? My diet is mostly yogurt, kefir, fruit and juice, plus some cola and coffee. The only supplement I use is 25mg zinc citrate, which is like 8mg elemental zinc. No real sodium content...
  19. S

    Liquid Alternatives

    I live in a hot and humid climate and I feel a strong urge to drink fluids throughout the day. Since I started peating (I have been consuming a lot more salt than before), I started to feel less desire to drink liquids throughout the day, I stopped drinking pure water, nowadays I only drink...
  20. BigYellowLemon

    Salt Enhances/potentiates GABA

    The study is a bit specific but it shows in essence that GABA is dependent on salt (sodium chloride) to function, and that the strength of GABA activation in the mammalian body can be controlled to an extent by controlling salt intake. It also is another piece of evidence showing the...
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