1. C

    Benzodiazepines Like Xanax/Ativan Are Neuroprotective Against Alzheimer's (Human MRI Study) This snip from the paper's introduction should blow some minds because their finding is nothing new:
  2. haidut

    Aspirin as effective as heparin for preventing blood clots

    Mainstream medicine makes no secret of its intense hate for aspirin. That humble drug has been the subject of countless articles of propaganda (many of them ghostwritten), with the goal of driving doctors towards eliminating aspirin from their practice. One of the most "sensitive" areas of...
  3. haidut

    CDC refuses to release COVID-19 info because the public may "misinterpret" it

    The CDC has now surpassed its buddies over at the CIA and refuses to release even public, non-classified pandemic data covering mortality, gender, age, vaccination status, co-morbidities, etc. Why mentioning the CIA? Well, some years ago the CIA refused to release declassified information on the...
  4. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  5. H

    What can be consumed that may mitigate mRNA vaccines from working?

    Happy new year everyone :). I was wondering, considering that mRNA vaccines are likely to be mandated directly or indirectly (via preventing access to travel and the like) as most people are complying to restrictions because of mandates rather than because they personally want to (as evidenced...
  6. haidut

    China's SinoVac Vaccine Trial For COVID-19 Halted In Brazil

    Again, due to serious adverse event (SAE). We already have threads about 3 out of the 4 Phase III trials being halted so far, and I think the one this threads is about makes it 4 out of 4. Another COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Halted Due To Serious Side Effects They are not saying what the SAE was...
  7. haidut

    Another COVID-19 Treatment Trial Halted For Safety Reasons

    Things are not looking good right now for most COVID-19 human trials. This is the second treatment trial to be stopped within the last 2 weeks. Eli Lilly's Trial For COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Halted For Safety Reasons Also, this is another trial where the adverse event experienced by a...
  8. haidut

    Another COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Halted Due To Serious Side Effects

    At this point, two out of the four Phase III human clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine have been halted due to safety concerns as a result of serious adverse events (SAE) in the active group(s). Here is the thread about the other one being halted. NIH 'very Concerned' About Serious Side Effect...
  9. haidut

    The "safe" Levels Of Thyroid Inhibitor In Tap Water Much Lower Than Previously Thought

    Yet another study demonstrating that tap water may be quite unsafe to drink, and that yet another one of EPA/FDA regulations on "safe" levels of a potent thyroid-inhibiting contaminant in drinking water are nothing more than wishful thinking. Namely, the study below claims that the levels of...
  10. Tristan Loscha


    Related to the nCoV situation: D:How much is enough,how much is too much?
  11. RealNeat

    Fauci: "The Ultimate Solution For A Seasonal Virus Is A Vaccine"

    "The ultimate, the ultimate, solution to a virus that might keep coming back would be a vaccine. In fact I was on weekly conference calls with the WHO sponsored group of all the health leaders in the world who are dealing with this and we all came to the agreement that we may have cycling with...
  12. haidut

    We Have No Reason To Believe 5G Is Safe

    It is always pleasing to see that a bastion of corrupt, institutionalized science such as the Scientific American is publishing editorials exposing 5G wireless technology for what it is - a known human carcinogen that has also been already causally linked to virtually every chronic health...
  13. haidut

    Massive Fraud Was Used To Sell The Public On The Safety Of HRT (estrogen)

    Ray wrote in one of his articles about the concerted, wide-scale fraud that has been perpetuated for decades by the pharma industry to convince the public that estrogen is safe and thus pave the way for mass-scale HRT with that deadly steroid. He has a link in one of his articles to a study by a...
  14. haidut

    Safety Of Long-term Use Of DMSO As A Solvent

    I wanted to post this even though it won't change the mind of DMSO opponents. The topic of DMSO safety has come up multiple times among scientists using it as a solvent for delivery of chemicals in vivo studies and so I did some digging and found some interesting data point. First, DMSO used in...
  15. haidut

    Safety And Efficacy Of Statins Deliberately Exaggerated

    Nothing surprising here, but it is nice to see the truth is slowly coming out and being accepted by the mainstream culture. ... SlhI5OzkfM "...Dr. David M. Diamond, a professor of...
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