1. JamesGatz


    There's a YANG to every YIN you guys know about the Happy Music Depository and thats cool and all but we need a thread to help cope with SADNESS You guys DO KNOW that crying releases ALL THE STRESS you're holding unto right? Theres no shame on it, if you are sad/ or stressed sometimes its...
  2. haidut

    Plants Can Hear And Even Speak, And Their Talk Depends On Their Disposition

    The fascinating news about plants just keep on coming. It just looks like the "tree-huggers" may have been right all along - plants may be as alive/conscious as we are, with all of our capacity for listening, discourse, and even emotion. Here is a recent thread that summarizes some of the...
  3. haidut

    The Pursuit Of Happiness Makes Us Sad

    The message about activeliy pursuing happiness and the genetic basis of depression are probably two of the most deeply rooted memes in the Western world. Our reliance on the online medium to collect our daily ration of information is probably why most people are basking 24x7 in deliberately...
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