1. youngsinatra

    NATO Kicks Off Its Biggest Air Force Drills Since End of Cold War („Air Defender“) WUNSTORF, Germany — More than 250 aircraft and 10,000 personnel will participate in a two-week military exercise beginning on Monday involving NATO nations and Japan, in what host nation Germany bills as the...
  2. Drareg

    Michael P. Singer COVID/China

    Good twitter thread from Senger, he has a book out about Chinas massive propaganda push in early 2020, he shows Bill Gates connections to China. I don’t think he mentions the connections China, Israel and Russia have though, Brendon O Connell covers these connections extensively on his YouTube...
  3. Energizer

    92% Of Polled Russians Want To Return To The USSR

    In a public TV poll, asking people if they wanted to return to the Soviet Union, 92% said "Yes." 92% россиян хотят вернуться в СССР. Мнение Медведева: "идеализировать Советский Союз не надо". "In support of their opinion, respondents expressed various arguments. Here are the most frequent...
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