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  1. haidut

    Intense exercise causes mitochondrial damage even in elite athletes

    Hopefully, this post won't be interpreted as trying to bash exercise. Its goal is to simply draw attention to the fact that intense exercise can be detrimental even for elite athletes. While the damage the study observed was temporary, it is now known that (just like ionizing radiation) the...
  2. A

    Bringing Back Gbolduev. Great Results In Regards To CO2

    Below my commentary will be a master list of Gbolduevs insight. This is the third day in a row I have ran 1-2 Miles and the results on hair quality are astounding. After reading Gbolduev and seeing real life examples for 3-4 guys in my circle who are runners and a few famous guys who are big...
  3. haidut

    CNN News - Running Lowers Testosterone In Males

    When news like this features on CNN, it is becoming obvious that something it not right with the official recommendations for regular (endurance) exercise as the best way to ward off CVD, cancer, brain diseases, osteoporosis, etc. The CNN piece also states that vitamin D supplements, weight...
  4. sctb

    Altering Fatty Acid Availability Does Not Impair Running To Fatigue

    Altering fatty acid availability does not impair prolonged, continuous running to fatigue: evidence for carbohydrate dependence.
  5. haidut

    Running Marathons Shrinks The Brain

    Not that this is any surprise to the forum readers, but I found it quite alarming that the brain shrinks in a such a short amount of time even though the study claims that the brain recovers within 6 months after the event. What I found also interesting is the explanation for the shrinkage - the...
  6. haidut

    Strenuous Exercise Can Have The Same Effects As Sepsis

    Ray has mentioned numerous times how even a mild mechanical stress to the intestine can make it release serotonin and endotoxin. He has said that running is the worst of all exercises due to the leaky gut syndrome it causes and the ensuing "low grade sepsis". Well, it looks like he is right once...
  7. haidut

    Even 25min Of Running May Be Too Much

    In confirmation of Ray's stance against endurance exercise, this latest study showed that performing as few as 3 weekly sessions of running each of them 25min long is enough to disturb the hormone balance heavily in favor of cortisol and induce a catabolic state...