1. Drareg

    Michel Foucault was a Paedophile

    The messiah Michel Foucault of the woke brigade that is infecting our lives more so than covid19 is a paedophile, they use the word pederast, why I don’t know, the word was created by the ruling class to imply a difference between a paedophile and one who "only" has sex with teens, we know this...
  2. Drareg

    A mouse embryo has been grown in an artificial womb—humans could be next

    Interesting article after hearing Peat speak with Danny Roddy and Haidut about the ideal environment being the womb for the human development. Unfortunately it looks like no more wombs going forward, instead the new ideal environment is a glass jar, it’s kind of like that world economic forum...
  3. Drareg

    Bill Epstein Gates interview, The Next Pandemic is coming

    A puff piece from MSNBC the propaganda outlet for Bill, Bill likes to pay for said puff pieces, MSNBC this week pumped a fake narrative that mervin capital exited their short positions in GME, this was a lie to try drive folks out of the stock after WSB pumped it. Bill Gates who has intimate...
  4. Drareg

    Davos this year is all about Ending the nation state.

    This guy Is calling for the end of the nation state, it’s been done under the guise of a new social contract, the climate change hysterics will be rolled out to justify it. Its a complete fraud, he even believes we are in the worst economic crisis is history yet stock market is soaring, the only...
  5. Drareg

    Wall Street Bets V The Ruling Class

    Wall Street Bets is a Reddit thread started in 2012, it was mainly for folks looking for stocks/stonks to buy or short, as the years passed it grew, I signed up in 2018, after the covid market drop they passed 1 million users, a few days ago this jumped to over 5 million. It’s user base really...
  6. Drareg

    Palantir the eye of the panopticon

    I found this article and it’s worth reading, it’s about Palantir, it uses data harvesting and predictive outcome algorithms, it’s essentially finding information from the masses and creating meanings for them to follow, it’s like a more accurate propaganda machine, it learns how to dangle the...