1. AlphaCog

    Inverse association between intelligence quotient and urinary retinol binding protein in Chinese school-age children with low blood lead levels

    Highlights • Urinary RBP is identified as a new factor associated with children IQ. • Urinary RBP might act as effect biomarker of Mn, Cd and Se exposure. • Low concentration of lead have a negative impact on children’s IQ. Abstract Objectives: Examine the relationship between blood lead...
  2. C

    Low Toxin Lifestyle Nine Vitamin A Cod Liver Oil Advocates Die Young (A Popular Weston A Price Supplement)

    Cod liver has other things in it but it's especially high in vitamin a. It has some pufa in it too. Maybe fermenting it made it even worse but idk.
  3. InChristAlone

    Low Toxin Studies The Vitamin A Research of Anthony Mawson PhD

    Anthony Mawson PhD, president of Chalfont Research Institute is doing some good research on vitamin A: Malaria, Epstein-Barr virus, vitamin A, and Burkitt’s lymphoma: Response to Joob and Wiwanitkit "We hypothesized that an endogenous form of retinoid toxicity related to malaria infection may...
  4. Borz

    High blood Vitamin A

    My sister (age 37) recently did a blood test and Vitamin A is above range (result: 89.60 μg/dL, range: 30.00-80.00 μg/dL). This is very puzzling because she does not eat liver, and does not take a Vitamin A supplement. She eats some eggs and dairy but not much. She probably eats a large amount...
  5. haidut

    Vitamin A is required for male fertility

    I am posting about this study not because I am thrilled at the possibility of society now having oral (non-steroid) contraceptive methods for males, but rather because this study highlights that vitamin A is actually required for male fertility. Even minor interference with so-called retinoic...
  6. haidut

    Vitamin A may treat anosmia (loss of smell) due to COVID-19

    Once again, evidence emerges that widely available, dirt-cheap interventions may be able to treat a condition for which mainstream medicine claims there is no available cure. Namely, one of the most persistent and "baffling" symptoms associated with current or past COVID-19 experience is anosmia...
  7. FitnessMike

    Can excess of retinol fatten the liver?

  8. jpgio

    Consistent Negative reaction to foods high in vitamin A or beta carotene

    Whenever I eat foods high in vitamin A I have very bad side effects, vertigo, dizziness. This usually happens when I have eat more than one vitamin a/beta carotene rich food in a day i.e eggs and spinach. I basically only eat spinach for vitamin k. Eating liver causes a more extreme reaction...
  9. J

    Feeling incredibly Dried-Out after breakfast (includes liver): Vitamin A Toxicity?

    After breakfast, I always feel incredibly dried out. My whole body, especially my eyes and tongue. I always eat a bit of liver for breakfast and have been for at least the last 6 months. Thing is, it's only breakfast. My other meals are basically the same foods, just without the liver. And I...
  10. youngsinatra

    Post Your Experience With Topical Vitamin A Here

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if any of you have experimented with topical retinol? Then please leave a comment below. I really love how retinol makes me feel, but it tends to be irritating to me, when taken orally, so I didn't take any retinol for a while now. Today I just took a...
  11. Brooks Esq.

    Mixing Retinol with Minoxidil?

    Hello, I found some recent studies about the benefits of combining Retinol with Minoxidil for increased hair regrowth. One of the studies refers to retinol as tretinoin, I will post what I have found below. I would like to try this and I was pondering about the best method. Do you guys think I...
  12. InChristAlone

    Role Of Vitamins A And D In The Pathogenesis Of Influenza: A New Perspective

    I wanted to share some really great quotes from this paper: Role of Fat-Soluble Vitamins A and D in the Pathogenesis of Influenza: A New Perspective There is so much juicy info in this article I encourage everyone interested in learning about vitamin A and D to read it! I think this has many...
  13. J

    Eating Liver Makes Me Feel Cold More Often And Faster, Why?

    On a low A diet I have less energy, can't sleep, have oily and worse skin, but my temps are higher between meals. I found I have to eat liver daily. I get great energy from it, sleep perfectly and have much better skin. But I always find it makes my temps drop faster between meals. Is this...
  14. J

    How Nutritious Is Animal FAT Really?

    In the paleo, keto and especially carnivore communities, people usually praise animal fat, also for it's "high nutrient-density". But all sources I've looked at show that there aren't a lot of nutrients at all. I usually use Nährwertrechner, an incredibly detailed german food database. Here's...
  15. J

    Help Desperately Needed: Ridged Fingernails!

    I don't know when this started, but it's bothering me a lot. I have these pretty pronounced vertical ridge-like structures in my fingernails. It was pretty hard to photograph, but I tried my best at it and editing it a bit to make them more easily visible: It may not look like much, but they...
  16. methylenewhite

    One More Reason To Throw Your Soap And Shampoo Away. Citral Is Vit A Antagonist Citral is a GRAS2 status food and drug ingredient in widespread use as an additive to cosmetics and toiletries, and as a lemon flavor in foods. Citral is a simple, partially saturated, analogue of retinal, which may...
  17. F

    Low Toxin Diet Grant Genereux's Theory Of Vitamin A Toxicity

    I recently stumbled across the blog of Grant Genereux, an engineer from Canada, wherein he recounts his story of how he cured himself of severe eczema as well as chronic fatigue and brain fog with an elimination diet. But that's just the beginning of it, because he has also done what I consider...
  18. Koveras

    Vitamin A May Be A Viable Therapy For Autism (human Study)

    Haidut has made several posts previously on autism, including on the potential therapeutic role of vitamin D and the potential causative role of serotonin. Vitamin D May Be A Viable Therapy For Autism (human Study) Children Conceived In Winter Have Much Higher Risk Of Autism Gut Dysbiosis May...
  19. haidut

    Vitamin D May Be Therapeutic Against Liver Fibrosis And Liver Cancer

    I posted a few threads on vitamin D and how it may help treat endotoxin-related condition, especially ones affecting the liver. Vitamin D Is Endotoxin (LPS / TLR4) Antagonist, May Treat LPS-linked Conditions Endotoxin is perhaps the primary driver of actual liver fibrosis, which (if left...
  20. haidut

    Vitamin A (retinol) Is Endotoxin (LPS / TLR4) Antagonist

    Another one in the series of endotoxin antagonism featuring so far vitamins D and B2. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Is Endotoxin Antagonist Vitamin B2 Remarkably Effective Against Endotoxin, Sepsis, And Other Bacterial Infections Vitamin D Is Endotoxin (LPS / TLR4) Antagonist, May Treat LPS-linked...
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