1. cs3000

    Key importance of nucleotides (underlooked dietary factor)

    Cellular repair growth & replication needs nucleotides as building substance, base of DNA/RNA. Cells salvage their nucleotide needs (we ingest RNA from foods and re-incorporate it), or cells synthesise some of it (as purines and pyrimidines) Benjamin Frank, one of the early pioneers who used...
  2. cs3000

    Skin wound healing acceleration

    with clean hands use 100% lanolin on wound, and sprinkle in some colostrum + bromelain + proline powder 1-2 times daily spread out should enhance healing well tested this with someone who had ulceration on skin pretty deep from a spider bite for weeks. (wound from spider bites often delayed)...
  3. burtlancast


    Transcribed by Burtlancast Download link of the MP3 file:
  4. N

    RP Email Advice Comment: Red Light To Repair Damage From Radiation

    Interesting, j. So, just to make sure I'm understanding what he said correctly: Peat is saying that red light repairs damage done by any kind of radiation. And he's saying that using red lights for that purpose is most effective within the first hour. Is that how you're understanding it? Peat...
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