1. haidut

    Just one aspirin (300mg) daily stops a patient's terminal liver cancer

    While the evidence for aspirin's preventive effects on numerous cancer types is extensive and even mainstream medicine has begrudgingly acknowledged aspirin's prophylactic potential, studies on the therapeutic effects of aspirin in already established cancers are very few, and most of them are...
  2. AlphaCog

    Beneficial Effects of a Low-Nickel Diet on IBS and Celiac Patients.

    Beneficial Effects of a Low-Nickel Diet on Relapsing IBS-Like and Extraintestinal Symptoms of Celiac Patients during a Proper Gluten-Free Diet: Nickel Allergic Contact Mucositis in Suspected Non-Responsive Celiac Disease Abstract Background and aim: Nickel (Ni)-rich foods can induce allergic...
  3. Tristan Loscha

    Retarded Release Lecithin Benefits Patients With Chronic Active Ulcerative Colitis

    Gut. 2005 Jul; 54(7): 966–971. doi: 10.1136/gut.2004.052316 PMCID: PMC1774598 PMID: 15951544 Retarded release phosphatidylcholine benefits patients with chronic active ulcerative colitis W Stremmel,1 U Merle,1 A Zahn,1 F Autschbach,2 U Hinz,3 and R Ehehalt1 Author information Article notes...
  4. haidut

    Treatment-resistant Depression Caused By Metabolic Dysfunction

    While the news article quotes one of the more notable cases caused by folic acid deficiency, the study actually looked at a broader metabolic picture and found improvements in all people who got treated for the specific metabolic dysfunction. So, the conclusion at least from this study is quite...
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