1. P

    Coffee Quotes-brewing (danny Roddy)

    For the coffee enthusiasts: "I use a fine grind, and moisten the grounds slightly with warm water first, then slowly add water of increasing temperature. The tastier aromatic things dissolve first at low temperature, and as they are removed the hotter water gets the progressively less soluble...
  2. P

    Ginger Milk Curd - Cheese Recipe Using Ginger As Rennet - Fresh Ginger May Improve Protein Digestion

    so ginger's protease must be very good digestion aid for protein meal.making it more bioavailable. the quantity of fresh ginger they used is not that much. Ginger milk curd - Wikipedia Ginger milk curd -------------- sounds great especially if used with lactase milk, very easy digestion...
  3. Pointless

    Salted Fruit Milk

    This stuff is divine. It's from the gods. I call it "ambrosia". SALTED FRUIT MILK!!! 1 can fruit juice concentrate 1/2 gallon of fat free or 1% milk 1 tsp salt (up to a tablespoon for therapeutic purposes but doesn't taste as good) 1/2 tsp baking soda (prevents it from curdling and makes it a...
  4. Diokine

    Popcorn Cereal

    Pop some organic non-gmo yellow or white corn in coconut oil. Add salt to taste. Place in bowl. Sprinkle with cinnamon and maple syrup. Add 2% organic milk. Really hits the spot.
  5. Mmmaurshmallows

    Classic Italian Ice Cream Coffee Dessert Affogato

    Recipe: Affogato | 1912 Pike Starbucks just announced this new offering. Sounds yummy...and so easy to make, using my own real ice cream of course!
  6. B

    What To Eat With Shrimp

    if you do no starch? I currently eat shrimp (lighted fried in their own juices), a knob of butter (100g, roughly) and squeezed lemon (half of one). I melt two tablespoons of gelatin in there, just to add thicker texture. Washed down with a quart of OJ (squeezed myself). Seems like an ok meal...
  7. goodandevil

    Berry Gummy Bears

    After recent experimentation, i've had success combining mixed-berry juice concentrate with beef gelatin, maple syrup, and coconut oil. You can reduce the concentrate further before adding gelatin, but once dried in the refrigerator the bears are sufficiently gummy. Heat berry concentrate...
  8. goodandevil

    Oysters A La Good And Evil

    Can be served with pasta and chopped parsley. Can smoked oysters. Diced garlic Red pepper flakes Sliced provolone Chop oysters, mix with diced garlic, red pepper flakes, form disc on baking sheet. Add many layers of provolone, covering mixture. Broil until almost blackened. Choke down. Spritz...
  9. B

    Oyster Soup Recipe Using Boiled In Water Canned

    I've had this can or tin of whole oysters boiled in water for a while. And I keep bringing it out of the cupboard, putting it on the kitchen counter, and in a few days putting it away because I never want to fix and eat them. Today, decided to look up a recipe and plan to make it even if I am...
  10. Philomath

    My Pinterest Board With Peat Inspired Recipes

    Most of these would be peat approved as is, but several are meant to be tweaked. For example, most of the meat dishes are soups or stews that can have gelatin added for amino balance. Enjoy! Against the grain
  11. B

    A Couple Things I've Been Cooking

    Now that I have more energy, I've been experimenting in the kitchen again. These two are sure to warm you up. sorta stroganoff white button mushrooms - cook until very soft in coconut oil and a bit of water dill - throw a bunch in un-chopped, so you can discard easily later and avoid the fiber...
  12. johnwester130

    Sopes - 3 Ingredient Masa Harina Flatbread

    Sopes - 3 ingredient Masa Harina flatbread similar to arepas, gorditas goes well with cheese and liver.
  13. johnwester130

    2 Ingredient Sorghum Flour Flatbread ... -4761.html no oil to fry them in, as this prevents it from rising. so a dry pan would do add in salt to taste, eat with cheese, or liver or something. If fried, it will resemble an Indian Puri, which is like a giant fried cracker, and perhaps...
  14. johnwester130

    Gordita - Masa Harina 2 Ingredient Bread/sandwich

    the only problem would be finding non gmo masa harina. Not to be confused with arepas, which require a refined white corn flour that is not nixtamalized like Harina Pan. Obviously replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil. and use any filling of choice, most recipes call for some salad...
  15. Nicholas

    Root Veggie Recipes/Inspiration

    hello - curious how others prepare their potatoes/turnips/parsnips/beets/etc? Getting bored with my methods and looking for inspiration. Could even be simply sharing a specific cooking method - doesn't have to be fancy. Thanks.
  16. johnwester130

    Maple Syrup 2 Ingredient Candies ... yrup+candy not actually a recipe but how can you go wrong with 2 ingredients . either buy them or make yourself. ... g%29/33917
  17. johnwester130

    Mochiko Japanese Dessert, 3 Ingredients. Like Turkish Delight

    glutinous rice flour is very high in starch, so may be anti Peat Mochi. sweet rice flour, water, sugar fry or steam it.
  18. L

    Indian Milk Dish ... -milk-peda
  19. johnwester130

    thattai - 3 ingredient rice flour crackers

    the recipe has more ingredients, but are just useless herb powders that are not needed ... ur-crisps/ very simple and gluten free
  20. johnwester130

    Appalu (Rice flour crunchy Sweet) 4 ingredients ... sweet.html Could be made savoury or sweet with changes to the ingredients wonderfully simple and gluten free Is rice flour Peat approved ?