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  1. peatypie

    Cancer - email from Dr. Peat

    I recently emailed RP with the following question: His Response: "The gene activation is often a matter of degrees, that can be offset by reducing inflammation. Cancer Res. 2007 Oct 1; 67(19): 9286–9293. Nitric Oxide Inactivates the Retinoblastoma Pathway in Chronic Inflammation Lei Ying,1...
  2. goodandevil

    RP Email Advice Comment: 5-Alpha Dihydroprogesterone

    Q: "He's got a new 5a-dihydroprogesterone, just hit the streets today." Ray: "Pregnenolone, DHEA, and progesterone are basic stabilizing molecules, and I think it’s dangerous to use novel substances that are likely to interact with those, in the absence of large amounts of preliminary...
  3. burtlancast

    RP Email Advice Comment: Umami

    Not quite following Ray here; he's on record to avoid aspartate and glutamate Soybeans fermented traditionnally are notorious for freeing glutamate and triggering headaches in msg sensible people.
  4. goodandevil

    RP Email Advice Comment: Lidocaine For Bowel Complaints

    See warnings: LIDOCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE ORAL TOPICAL SOLUTION, USP 2% (VISCOUS) Usual adult dose is one tablespoon. don't eat until the lidocaine has worn off. I:" I have burning eyes, burning throat and sinus cavity, etc. Definitely related to gut." Ray:"Years ago I swallowed a sip of 2%...
  5. goodandevil

    RP Email Advice Comment: Androsterone-Associated Joint Pain

    Subject: Heard you were looking for androsterone experiences Me: "I experienced profound joint pain and arthropathy, a very severe creaking from every joint. I felt as though i'd aged 60 years in a week. Others have had similar experiences. Dmso may potentiate the hormone excessively. Haidut...
  6. Amazoniac

    Is Nitazoxanide Safe As An Antimicrobial Drug?

    Members that don't mind being catechized as long as the religious art is great, Any of you have more information on the safety of this drug? (It's sold over-the-counter, and people take it without any worry.) Nitazoxanide - Wikipedia Trade names: Alinia, Nizonide, and others "Nitazoxanide is...
  7. milk_lover

    RP Email Advice Comment: Lung Cancer

    "Dr. Peat wrote me this regarding lung cancer: Lung cancer cells produce increased amounts of some things that promote abnormal growth, and some of these can be inhibited by common harmless materials. The effects of adenosine and (leaked) ATP are inhibited by caffeine, prostaglandins are...
  8. milk_lover

    RP Email Advice Comment: Fungal-Free Apple Juice

    When I asked him about apple juice, he said, "Apple juice is very good nutritionally, apart from the risk of the fungal contaminant." Anybody know how I can choose fungal-free apple juice?
  9. P

    RP Email Advice Comment: Effect Of Masturbation On Prolactin

    good question and thanks for share, that surprised me to hear that from dr peat, because i think a difference between sex and masturbation is that during proccess if of sex you release a lot of dopamine,which itself effects your body and also effect your prolactin level.
  10. raypeatclips

    RP Email Advice Comment: Safe Fiber

    He mentions fiber, but mentions mushrooms, bamboo and carrots as antiseptic foods. Is his stance of fiber more open than before, or is he just meaning the 3 foods he mentioned?
  11. Amazoniac

    RP Email Advice Comment: Causes Of Chest Pain

    Why? Anything else besides endotoxin?
  12. haidut

    RP Email Advice Comment: Consciousness Is Electronic / Dreaming

    Thank you very much, this helps a lot clarify Peat's views. Given that the organism is pretty much confirmed as an electronic process, then the electric universe theory is simply the extension of that process to the all of space/time and as such probably just as valid. The part I find very...
  13. Lightbringer

    RP Email Advice Comment: Salmon, Avocado And Rice

    Wait, what :hairpull
  14. EndAllDisease

    RP Email Advice Comment: Viruses

    My Question: Hey Ray! I read a book called Fear of The Invisible by Jeanine Roberts which is an incredible detailed account of the history of Virology, and presents the hypothesis that Virus' are completely misunderstood. The author reports the political history of Virology which consisted of a...
  15. goodandevil

    RP Email Advice Comment: Political Power And Deception

    "Off topic: do you follow history? I believe there are ancient families behind the church, freemasonry, &c, but i dont know who they are. I heard the founders of etruscan civilization migrated from Iran, the proverbial founders of rome. Obviously, the us isnt getting better. Im thinking of...
  16. EndAllDisease

    RP Email Advice Comment: Cancer Dogma

    Hey Ray! I've got a couple quick questions. I will post them on the Ray Peat Forum so other people will learn from them too! 1. I am writing a book right now on Cancer and want to be sure I don't miss any studies. I have found 32 studies conducted on Sea Cucumber and it's anti-cancer...
  17. EndAllDisease

    RP Email Advice Comment: Moles

    Last week I emailed Ray the following question: Hey Dr. Peat! I have been reading your articles and listening to your radio shows like crazy lately, I just can't get enough. Thank you for your work, it means more to me than I can describe in words. Anyways, I have more moles on my body than...
  18. S

    RP Email Advice Comment: Coffee

    Mittir: is he using instant coffee or filter coffee? or what type of coffee
  19. Jenn

    RP Email Advice Comment: Wounds

    Regarding wounds: Gelatin is fabulous for an open wound. Clean and apply directly. Wet, if needed. Acts like second skin or nail.
  20. N

    RP Email Advice Comment: Red Light To Repair Damage From Radiation

    Interesting, j. So, just to make sure I'm understanding what he said correctly: Peat is saying that red light repairs damage done by any kind of radiation. And he's saying that using red lights for that purpose is most effective within the first hour. Is that how you're understanding it? Peat...
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