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radiation protection

  1. K

    Radiation Protection by Famotidin

    Hello guys,, does anyone know a good dose for gamma- or full spectrum radiation(alpha, beta, neutron, etc.) protection by famotidin? In the case of impending nuclear threads by reactor "accidents" or spent fuel pond "accidents" in the ukraine conflict, I plan on stocking up some famotidin just...
  2. R

    How to protect from EMFs, EFs, RFs in a Van

    I just bought a 2017 Toyota Hiace campervan van and will be driving it for a considerable amount of time every day. I tested it with an EMF-380 reader when the engine was on and the EMFs are over 300mG on the seats (same as in an aeroplane! The problem with these vans is that you are sitting on...
  3. Sexypizza

    What excuse can I use to get a medical exemption to avoid chest X-rays?

    My job wants me to do a Chest X-ray and I really want to avoid it for obvious peatarian reasons. Unfortunately its mandatory by law to get a chest X-ray when finding work where I live. I think the reason is that they're worried about people having tuberculosis. I'm trying to weasel out of it...