1. Drareg

    White Baby’s are racist at 3 months old!

    Wokism are now targeting 3 month old White kids, this is from a department of education in America, SSRI abuse is the elephant in the room of wokists, a functioning coherent human brain is not prone to this type of pathological behavior of labeling kids at 3 months old racist. My understanding...
  2. MatheusPN


    So some people believe that Zionism rules the world. Certainly, fascists control the world. Certainly eugenicists imperialists control the world. Certainly, Trump is a Zionist, an imperialist, which is benefited by and supports the likes of the Rothschild. He is part of the agenda that aims to...
  3. P

    Multi Racial Society - The Biggest Stressor Of Them All?

    i considered making a burner account for this one because i dont want people to stop giving me good advice but im going to trust that the users here are mature enough to not take this personally. living in a big European city, dealing all the immigrants is naturally very stressful to me. but...
  4. Hugh Johnson

    The "Social Justice" Cult & Elite Overproduction

    You must understand racism and admit that you cannot understand racism. You must admit to your complicity in racism and pledge to do better knowing that it is impossible to do better. You must be an ally but accept that you will always do your allyship wrong. The Cult Dynamic of Wokeness...