1. Mauritio

    What you can do about quarantine induced social isolation and depression : Allopregnanolone!

    This is just a heads up to everyone strugglin with depression by itself and especially depression caused by social isolation and a hopeless situation, that many people find them selves in . Social isolation does have an effect on the human body and especially brain ! There's a few studies...
  2. haidut

    Symptoms Screening, Isolations Do Nothing To Stop COVID-19 Spread

    Yet another piece of evidence demonstrating that at best this social circus is pointless, and at worst it destroys lives while providing nothing in return. Study: Temperature checks, symptom screenings not very effective in detecting COVID-19 infections "...Temperature and COVID-19 symptom...
  3. M

    A Sedentary Lifestyle

    Ever since the UK went into lockdown in March, I've not been working, and my lifestyle has become much more sedentary than normal. Presumably as a direct consequence of this, my health seems to have gone completely down the pan, despite eating really well and trying to keep stress low. There's...