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  1. AlphaCog

    Creativity is associated with higher well-being and more positive COVID-19 experience

    We investigated whether creativity is associated with higher well-being and more positive COVID-19 experience. Participants (N = 252) filled out a creativity measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, they rated their positive affect and stress experience in the last month, their satisfaction with...
  2. AlphaCog

    Singing for Lung Health—a systematic review of the literature and consensus statement

    There is growing interest in Singing for Lung Health (SLH), an approach where patients with respiratory disease take part in singing groups, intended to improve their condition. A consensus group was convened in early 2016 to address issues including: the specific features that make SLH distinct...
  3. B

    Why Are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates? –

    by Brandon Smith July 29, 2021 "I don’t think I am the only person that has noticed it – There has been a sudden deluge of covid vaccination propaganda and vaccine passport propaganda in the past month, more so than I think we have seen since the beginning of this year. I am speaking of the...
  4. haidut

    Pregnenolone Relieves Chronic Low Back Pain (human Study)

    After failing to find any effective treatments for the many ills that plague veterans, doctors are finally turning to older remedies successfully used back in the first half of the 20th century. Pregnenolone is one such remedy and I have been seeing more and more studies and ongoing trials with...
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