1. TobyBjorn

    Puberty often described with hyperbole?

    I'm curious about whether the common description of male puberty (as a period of excessive arousal and disproportionate libido relative to adulthood) is a functional hyperbole, or if people actually did experience a time of additional libido followed by a levelling off. I experienced puberty as...
  2. haidut

    Alzheimer's Severity Tied to Longer Estrogen Exposure in Women

    A neat study, which somehow managed to slip through my "radar" when it was first published the middle of last (2021) year. The study is pretty straighforward in its claim that longer exposure to endogenous estrogen was associated with exacerbated/higher biomarkers of Alzheimer disease (AD), as...
  3. haidut

    Maternal high-PUFA diet causes alcoholism, aggressiveness, early puberty, and hyper-estrogenism in offspring

    Finally, an intervention study that should help convince some of the die-hard PUFA fans that these fatty acids are far from benign/beneficial, but in fact can cause a variety of chronic diseases. A very important finding of the study, that distinguishes it from other PUFA studies, is that it...
  4. haidut

    Childhood Stress / Deprivation Leads To Early Puberty / Aging

    The evidence that adult health problems have their roots in childhood or even prenatally continues to accumulate. The study below demonstrates that children who have experienced violence, trauma, deprivation or have had generally stressful childhoods not only enter puberty much earlier but are...
  5. meatbag

    Declining Age Of Puberty Onset Across The Globe

    It looks like the age of puberty onset is decreasing across the globe. I think Peat had mentioned that the puberty is induced by stressors in the organism. "Although cases of precocious puberty may be few and far between—according to the Mayo Clinic, fewer than 200,000 cases in the United...
  6. haidut

    Stress (from Poverty) Leads To Early Puberty And Health Problems In Adulthood

    I recently posted a study on the effects of pregnancy stress (cortisol) on the development and aging of an organism. Chronic Stress During Pregnancy Accelerates Fetal Aging And Harms Its Health Peat also wrote that virtually all features of aging can be produced by administering a large dose of...
  7. haidut

    Slower Metabolism In Puberty, Not Lifestyle, Causes Teen Obesity

    Ray has written about how children have fast metabolism and are much harder to make obese than adults. He also wrote that delaying puberty has beneficial effects on health and metabolism, largely due to the delay of getting adrenals involved in metabolism. In adults, adrenals are usually in...
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