1. miquelangeles

    CO2, a common denominator in altered states of consciousness - meditation, mesmerism, hypnosis, fakirism, ecstasy, anesthesia, near death experiences

    The most extensive CO2 research in the 20th century was done separately by Ladislas Meduna and Ernst Gellhorn in the context of psychiatric diseases, consciousness and autonomic physiology. Meduna was a professor of psychiatry and neurology and Gellhorn was a professor of neurophysiology. But...
  2. Tristan Loscha

    Study:Normal To High NaCl Intake Is Associated WithPsoriasis, CNS-Disorders,IL17

    These Data-Hamsters are unhinged,let them entertain us though.Allegedly excess NaCl and concomitant rise of Sodium sensing Glucocorticoid-Kinase1,Interleukine liberation,NFKB induction etc, is a major driver of inflammation. Link To Full...
  3. haidut

    Psychiatric Diagnoses Are 'worthless', Most Mental Illness Stems From Stress (trauma)

    It is rare to see a study like the one below that does not hold anything back and exposes psychiatry for what it really is - fraud. Well, the exact words used were a "disingenuous categorical system" but words like "worthless" and "meaningless" were also used freely. In summary, psychiatry is a...
  4. haidut

    A Selective Serotonin Antagonist Is A Potent Antidepressant

    Fraud, fraud and nothing but fraud! After more then half a century of claiming that serotonin cures depression, now mainstream medicine is quietly trying to retreat from this fiasco by introducing more and more potent (and selective) serotonin antagonists as treatment of depression and silently...
  5. haidut

    Psychiatry Is Little More Than A Combination Of Cluelessness And Corruption

    This article reviews a recent book that deliver a devastating verdict for psychiatry as a profession. At best, those practicing the profession are clueless and administer therapies almost on a whim, simply because they have no clue what is causing any of the mental diseases categorized in DSM...