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  1. R

    Protein, Your Experience. High,low,medium Intake

    Hello I was wondering what the experience has been for you guys in terms of protein intake. I know haidut and some other support a more low approach 80-100g but some get better results with higher. What are the pros and cons of higher vs lower amounts? ofc i get my protein from RP foods so...
  2. P

    Ideal Tryptophan Intake Per Day?

    how much is upper limit? in peat's diet
  3. natedawggh

    High Protein Makes Me Crave Fructose

    Specifically, I have been taking casein for about a month now (in addition to a moderate amount of eggs, potatoes, chicken, gelatin, and cheese) and every day I have this INSATIABLE craving for fruit. It is not just for sugar, but fructose and fruit and cannot be satisfied by adding sugar to my...
  4. S

    Moderate protein necessary for high calories

    I've always seemed to have trouble losing weight when eating bodybuilder level of protein. Was scanning PubMed on nitrogen balance and found this interesting study. These sedentary people had a weight maintenance diet of 40kcal/kg and were found to be in nitrogen balance. But they were only...
  5. haidut

    Optimal Protein Intake Is Likely 20g-30g Per Meal

    Please keep in mind that by "optimal" these studies consider what is the optimal dose of protein per meal for muscle protein synthesis. The dosage may be different for other people depending on the circumstances. Malnourished, hypothyroid or liver-disease people may need more or less depending...
  6. haidut

    High Protein Diet Prevents & Reverses Fatty Liver Disease (steatosis)

    A high protein diet (35% of calories) completely prevented fatty liver disease (steatosis) and reversed existing one caused by high fat diet (45% of calories). Assuming a 2000 calorie diet, 35% protein is 175g, which is not that much and achievable with food alone. So, for the people who cannot...
  7. lindsay

    Raw Protein vs. Cooked Protein

    This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately because recently we put our cocker spaniel (who is plagued with bad skin problems) on a raw diet of beef, beef organs, beef bone & veggies. We can buy it at a local natural pet market and it's just as affordable as the crappy pellet foods...
  8. N

    Very Low Protein Intake

    I've been tracking my foods for a week on cron-o-meter and as I suspected, I'm eating extremely low protein. I've been awake for 5 hours and so far have consumed 15g of protein! I'm putting together some of my issues, mainly water retention, tiredness and bloating where low protein could be the...
  9. BingDing

    Too Much Protein At Once?

    I was mixing my regular milk/skyr/sugar/glycine/taurine smoothie and started wondering if 50g of protein at once was too much. A lot of bodybuilder sites say 30g is the most the body can use to build muscle, but I'm more interested in metabolism in general. Any thoughts on whether 50g is too much?
  10. T

    How much protein do you guys eat?

    I am just wondering what everyone's daily protein intake averages to be because I have consistently been getting pretty low protein count on cronometer...usually under 50 g. I don't eat meat and eggs every day and have been content with just fruit and dairy, but I kind of worry about protein...
  11. S

    Protein Intake And My Observation

    What have been your guys experience with protein intake? i have been doing around 120-140g a day and havent like noticed much positive or negative in terms of temps etc. But i havent managed to get my temp and pulse up. Yesterday i tried a little thing and bumped it up to around 250g and man i...
  12. haidut

    List of foods sorted by protein per calorie

    A spreadsheet list and an image. Since this came from a "fitness" blog it has non-Peatarian foods but I think it may be useful for people trying to increase their protein intake efficiently (i.e. with less ingested bulk). http://imgur.com/nHFX4sY https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ...
  13. haidut

    Protein Requirements Increase With Age

    Ray has written on the dangers of chronic protein deficiency and often recommends at least 80g of protein a day. In younger people (20-30 years old) the anabolic effects of protein peak at about 20g of protein per meal. It looks like in older people the requirement is higher. I have known about...
  14. haidut

    High Protein Intake Increases Muscle Mass Even W/o Training

    We know that Ray recommends 80g+ of protein a day and says that ~120g should be enough even for the most active individuals. This study looked at what happens when you increase protein intake even more. There were 2 groups. The "normal" intake group consumed ~120g of protein a day and the high...
  15. haidut

    Even protein distribution in meals is healthier than a bolus

    This may sound rather obvious, but until at least 2010 the consensus "expert" opinion was that protein was protein no matter how and when you consume it. In fact, some "nutritionists" were advocating eating most of the protein at night. A high dose of protein will drastically lower blood sugar...
  16. M

    Amino Acids And Getting The Right Balance

    I have posted here before for help regarding the symptoms I've been experiencing since a brief ketosis and low carb stint (four months) and my recovery process. Here's a link to my previous post: http://www.raypeatforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3506 Some users suggested I incorporate...
  17. S

    carb to protein and protein amount when cutting

    Hello guys Protein is talked and hyped alot in the weight lifting/bodybuilding community. Im trying to cut some fat so i can get into really low bodyfat. I was wondering what is an optimal amount of protein to shoot for? since there are some saying you only need 0.8/lbs then some say you need...
  18. haidut

    Protein dilution in modern foods may be cause of obesity

    In general, lower levels of protein intake will likely lead to hypothyroidism and general state of inflammation, thus creating a vicious cycle. This study is a good explanation on how the industry creates shitty "food" products by using the cheapest materials available, and then using dirty...
  19. L

    Your Weight , Grams Of Total Carbs And Total Daily Cals

    Hello my fellow Peaters. :mrgreen: as the title of this thread states ,,whats your current weight, total daily cals and grams of carbs.?? I post this because I was wondering how lean im getting..I guess my thyroids are working great because I use no meds ...I might wanna add that my only...
  20. paper_clips43

    Meat and sugar ratio.

    Lately I have been eating more meat with gelatin. I enjoy eating about 3 ounces of gf beef with an espresso mixed with sugar, gelatin, and butter. (I also take calcium glucarate or oyster shell powder with it.) I estimate I am getting 20-25 grams of protein. If the the ratio is 1:4...