1. C

    Is Propranolol Unique Or Can Other Beta Blockers Be Used For PTSD, Bad Memories etc...?

    There are lots of potential applications for this lipophilic and non-selective beta blocker. Can any other beta blockers be used or is it special? Metoprolol seems to be similar (although more selective and less lipophilic). Could it probably be substituted and work as well?
  2. S

    Propranolol And Hair Loss

    If propranolol reduces cortisol, adrenaline and has bone protective effects (opposite to calcification?) Would it be a potential remedy for hair loss?
  3. haidut

    Blocking Stress (adrenaline) Just Once Cures PTSD And Maybe Any Mental Disorder

    This is a remarkable study, which once again implicates extreme stress in the pathology of mental health disorders, specifically anxiety and PTSD. Just a few days ago I posted a study showing a high cortisol (C) / testosterone (T) ratio is likely causative in PTSD. People with high C/T ratio...
  4. haidut

    Blocking Adrenaline Activity May Reduce Autism Symptoms

    As discussed many times on the forum, autism is likely a condition triggered by maternal stress during pregnancy so in theory it can be prevented. However, once established in the child there are no official therapies approved for it. I posted some studies on blocking serotonin curing autism in...
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