1. K

    Update jail time (not going to jail)

    Read my first thread for context. I am not going to jail so that’s a positive. I just received a letter from the post company saying that my package needs to go through customs because the sender hadn’t provided enough information. They are asking me to send them the following: the receipt, a...
  2. A-Tim

    High Dose Progesterone - Clearing out Tissue Estrogen Tactics

    I am interested in taking a higher dose progest-e for several days, as suggested by Ray and others on this forum for estrogen dominance. I am considering 3 days of 50mg progest-e, followed by a week or two of about 10mg p/day. I wiould do the "3 drops of 3mg", wait 10 or so minutes, then repeat...
  3. teds


    Ladies- some help- I’ve cycled progest-e 2nd half of cycle for a while. How does it work w perimenopause/menopause? How have people cycled or dosed through the month? Appreciate hearing what you’ve tried. :)
  4. K

    Progesterone Best Practices?

    I've got a bottle of Progest-E in my cart, and before I click buy, I want to clear up some uncertainties I have about progesterone. For some reason I'm a little nervous to use it? 24/F | 5ft.3" | 120 lbs | Eating pretty peaty, while maintaining food freedom / having grace with myself if I eat a...