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  1. P

    Effect Of Lidocaine On Bone Matrix Formation By Osteoblasts

    Effect of lidocaine on bone matrix formation by osteoblasts Effect of lidocaine on bone matrix formation by osteoblasts Srinivas Pentyala*, Emily Hughes, Pooja Mysore, Supriya Mishra, Julie Miller, Aleef Rahman and Kyle Urbanczyk Correspondence: Srinivas Pentyala...
  2. raypeatclips

    Procaine And Its Metabolites Increase CoA And Acetyl-coA Concentration In Various Tissues In Rats

    I don't fully understand this one but it looks interesting and perhaps someone more knowledgeable would be able to explain it below? Z Alternsforsch. 1989 Jul-Aug;44(4):211-7. [Effect of procaine and procaine metabolites on coenzyme A and acetyl coenzyme A concentration in various tissues of...
  3. ecstatichamster

    Any Sources Of Procaine?

    interested in trying some out for my headaches. Thanks!
  4. Hugh Johnson

    Lidocaine Demethylates DNA

    Lidocaine time- and dose-dependently demethylates deoxyribonucleic acid in breast cancer cell lines in vitro http://bja.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2012/04/26/bja.aes128.full I wonder if chronic oral intake could reverse gene methylation.