1. haidut

    Parkinson Disease (PD) akin to infectious disease - driven by endotoxin, damaged mitochondria

    Yet another study demonstrating that there is no need for genes or any other hereditary mechanism to explain the cause and development of PD. The study below demonstrated that the presence of damaged mitochondrial DNA in the bloodstream is sufficient to cause all symptoms of PD, and the effects...
  2. haidut

    Two more cases of prion disease as a result of COVID-19 vaccines

    The more time passes, the more it becomes obvious that Montagnier may be right - i.e. these vaccines (especially the mRNA types) and their global roll out may be the biggest medical error humanity has ever made...
  3. K

    Covid prions, or nah? Also: How are you taking care?

    Hi everyone, I'm curious to know your thoughts on whether COVID-19 (the virus, not the v@><) will later cause prion disease in the infected? I've seen the theories that the v@>< will lead to prion disease, but what about the virus itself? If we avoid the jab and end up contracting (or if we...