1. L

    Which vitamin E supplement do you/would you prefer, Healthnatura’s or Haidut’s or something else?

    ***This is from healthnatura: https://healthnatura.com/whole-e-2oz/ $70 ***Haidut’s product https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/tocovit-liquid-vitamin-e-from-wheat-germ-oil.10929/ $40 ***Purebulk sells it, the powder form is very cheap. I’m considering mixing it with EVOO in my...
  2. C

    Warning About Gelatin Powder. Damaged Sleep For Years (Did Peat Turn Away From it?)

    I'm posting so people like me don't overlook it as a possibility. I hope it helps someone. After years of trouble shooting since adopting Dr. Peat's principles, I'm about certain that the 14-21 grams of gelatin a day was making my sleep worse. I was usually using Now Brand Beef gelatin but I...
  3. blackface

    DHEA powder - europe source

    Im looking for a raw DHEA powder source in europe. I made an order on PureBulk website but my order was seized. Do you have any tips?
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