potato starch

  1. Lokzo

    ?How To Reverse Starch Poisoning

    Hey Fam, I am that guy who gets severely affected by potatoe starch/tapioca starch, basically any ROOT starch seems to really mess up my body. The symptoms I get are: 1. Delayed headache/head pressure with terrible fatigue. 2. Extreme muscle weakness 3. Shallow/breathing 4. Low blood...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    Psoriasis Solved: Raw Starch Gut Rehab (pics)

    This is a cross-post that was originally written for the laypeople on the Facebook platform. It's put here in the defense of raw starch and an assertion that if you can't drink milk, there's likely something very wrong with your digestive tract and it should call into question whether or not...
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