1. Twohandsondeck

    Cheap mineral stack (immediate effects)

    Rudimentary but highly effective: + xx cups of water to thirst +2 cups red grapes or coconut water (as a potassium source) +1 teaspoon of a quality salt (as a sodium and chloride source) +2 cups milk (as a calcium source) +75mg of magnesium citrate (or another magnesium chelate) >>> consume in...
  2. LLight

    The significance of glucose, insulin and potassium for immunology and oncology: a new model of immunity

  3. A

    Potassium Gives Me Diarrhea

    Lite-salt, orange juice, etc. All does the same. After consuming a bit of potassium, I always get watery diarrhea and the feeling of like water pumped inside my bowel. My blood test says that I'm potassium deficient but I don't know how to up my potassium levels while my body doesn't absorb it...
  4. P

    Antiinflammatory Action Of Oral Baking Soda

    Oral NaHCO3 Activates a Splenic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway: Evidence That Cholinergic Signals Are Transmitted via Mesothelial Cells
  5. jzeno

    Food Pattern Modeling Shows That The 2010 Dietary Guidelines For Sodium And Potassium Cannot Be Met

    Food pattern modeling shows that the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for sodium and potassium cannot be met simultaneously. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract The 2010 US Dietary Guidelines recommended limiting intake of sodium to 1500 mg/d for people older than 50 years, African Americans, and those suffering...
  6. nigma

    Potassium Or Insulin As The 'insulin' Effect

    There is a somewhat well known idea of Ray's that says insulin plays a smaller part in the insulin effect than insulin itself. While potassium looks to be the main actor in getting glucose into cells. from 'Glycemia, starch, and sugar in context' "Insulin is important in the regulation of blood...
  7. yerrag

    Potassium: Does It Have Effect On Blood Sugar?

    First time I heard about potassium having an effect on blood sugar, it was @Jon mentioning it as helping the absorption of sugar into cells. Then today, as I was reading the RBTI thread started by @tara, there was mention, I believed by @Miguel, that high-Brix intake (I presume high potassium...
  8. Travis

    Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Attracts Potassium⁈

    A definitive account of the membrane 'pump' idea has been published by Gilbert Ling. Ling, Gilbert. "History of the membrane (pump) theory of the living cell from its beginning in mid-19th century to its disproof 45 years ago--though still taught worldwide today as established truth."...
  9. raypeatclips

    Mechanism Of Hypokalemia (low Potassium) In Magnesium Deficiency

    JASN | Mobile Mechanism of Hypokalemia in Magnesium Deficiency Chou-Long Huang Elizabeth Kuo "Herein is reviewed literature suggesting that magnesium deficiency exacerbates potassium wasting by increasing distal potassium secretion. A decrease in intracellular magnesium, caused by magnesium...
  10. haidut

    In Defense Of Gilbert Ling - Ion Pumps Not Needed To Explain Cell Physiology

    The purported existence of pumps is the official reason why Gilbert Ling's AI hypothesis was removed from Wikipedia. I posted a few days ago about the "newly" discovered role of ATP as a protein hydrotrope and co-solvent - something Ling postulated back in the 1950s. Gilbert Ling's Theory...
  11. Amber

    Potassium And Glycogen

    Hello everyone, I was just reading something and it got my interest. This website says 'potassium is needed for the conversion of glucose to glycogen'. Im not sure if this is already on the forum but i couldn't find it. Seemed pretty interesting to me, this is the link: Role of Potassium in...
  12. Amazoniac

    Potassium Insufficiency In GI Problems

    Street violinists, I realized one of these days that a lot of people with intestinal problems tend to avoid the exact foods that provide a lot of potassium due to their reactions to the carbohydrates in those foods. Mainly: milk, starch or fruits. Not only that but it usually starts with poor...
  13. Amazoniac

    Potassium Deficiency, Pancreas, Insulin And Glucose Metabolism

    People that kiss with the eyes open to monitor if the surroundings are safe, Effect of experimental potassium deficiency on glucose and insulin metabolism "Our results indicate that mild-to-moderate potassium depletion, of a magnitude commonly encountered in clinical practice, does cause a...
  14. P

    Micronutrient Intakes Of Wild Primates: Are Humans Different?

    Micronutrient intakes of wild primates: are humans different? - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Low micronutrient intake is implicated in a diversity of human health problems, ranging from problems associated with food insufficiency to those associated with food over-consumption. Humans are members of...
  15. D

    Could I Eat 2kg Potatoes A Day Without Fear Bout Hyperkalemia?

    hi everyone! i was upping my carbs a bit cause i see potatoes help the most with my fatty liver issue than juices and fructose. Non gluten spagetti give some kind of bad reaction, dont know why. maybe is the extruded protein. no idea...i think is related too with my liver not working 100%. i...
  16. JohnBonham

    Fixing potassium deficiency without raising aldosterone?

    I'm in a bind. I'm almost positive I have low potassium levels. I use Magnesium oil, drink plenty of milk for calcium, get plenty of sodium, use taurine, and I still have muscle twitching/fatigue/dry skin and hair/other symptoms of potassium deficiency. I don't have a lab anywhere near me that...
  17. artemis

    Study on potassium & salt intake in teenage girls

    The study was done on teenage girls, but it supports Ray's ideas about these minerals. Maybe they'll do similar studies on adults soon? http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article ... id=2272973 The take-away: "A diet high in potassium appears to protect teenagers from high blood pressure in...
  18. P

    Potassium and risk of Type 2 diabetes

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3197792/ Key issues Experimentally induced hypokalemia has been associated with reduced insulin sensitivity and the development of impaired glucose tolerance in hyperglycemic clamp studies. Use of thiazide diuretics is associated with...
  19. E

    Supplemental Potassium

    Is there a good way to supplement potassium? Anyone had good results doing so? I also heard somewhere you should not to so without taking sodium with it.
  20. L

    Sodium/Potassium Balance

    Cronometer has come out with some new features (for gold plan members). They show a PRAL Alkalinity scale, zinc : copper ratio, calcium : magnesium ratio, and sodium : potassium ratio. Any of these could be a topic in itself. As you probably know, RP recommended diet is pretty low in sodium...