1. P

    Postpartum in general & meal ideas

    Hi all, I'm looking for any interviews or newsletters of Peat's that discuss the postpartum stage? I've listened to one KMUDD referencing PPD and another on Pregnancy and Toxemia, but I can't find much else. Any other book/podcasts/tips that may have helped you through the 4th trimester (I'm...
  2. haidut

    FDA Approves Allopregnanolone As A Fast-acting, Long-lasting Antidepressant

    As many of forum users know, one of the real mechanisms of action of the SSRI drugs is not the increased serotonin but the increase in brain allopregnanolone these drugs cause. As such, there has been (secret) interest from Big Pharma for years in both allpregnanolone and its synthetic...
  3. haidut

    Low-dose Allopregnanolone Induces Relief From Depression In Just 24 Hours

    I posted a few studies on the powerful mood boosting effects of allopregnanolone in relation to its precursor 5a-DHP. The precursor 5a-DHP converts into allopregnanolone with almost 100% efficiency as it is the the only pathway through which it can be metabolized downstream. All successful...