post finasteride syndrome

  1. Insaneacinamide

    Top Bodybuilding Coach Chad Nicholls Recommends Using Finasteride When Starting Bodybuilding/Hormones To Slow Hair Loss From DHT

    For those who do not know who Chad Nicholls is. He is one of the top bodybuilding coaches ever. Been coaching people on hormones, nutrition, supplements, weight lifting for over 3 decades. Has coached people like Ronnie Coleman, Big Ramy, Flex Wheeler, Paul Dillett, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls...
  2. fever257

    Next attempt to cure PFS.

    Hello, I'm inquiring about a hormonal issue engendered by an 8-9 month long course of finasteride. Around 2 years after taking finasteride, I took human chloronic gonadotropin(earlier this year) which increased my male hormones, but also massively spiked my estrogen, to the point where I have...
  3. haidut

    AlloP - Liquid Allopregnanolone For Lab/R&D

    Just a quick announcement that we have replaced the 5α-DHP in our store with allopregnanolone. The main reason for switching over to allopregnanolone is that we always wanted to provide that steroid right from the start, however we could not find a lab willing to synthesize it. Thus, 5α-DHP...