post covid

  1. xeliex

    Full blown metabolic syndrome and diabetes

    My 40 year old friend just got his blood tests back due to c/o polydipsia and polyuria. His blood glucose came back over 250 mg/dL and his glycosylated hemoglobin 12%! His lipids where terribly high too - high cholesterol, high triglycerides. He is on synthroid and has been for a long time -...
  2. Cooper

    Has anyone recovered their sense of smell and Parosmia after 6 months of Post- Covid?

    Im almost 5 months in post- covid, and i still didn't recover my sense of smell fully. I still can't smell my own body odor and i can't taste beer for example. I also have altered sense of taste and smell. Foods and drinks taste rotten sometimes. I tried every supplement and doing smell...
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