1. haidut

    UN - New Polio Outbreak In Africa Caused By An Oral Polio Vaccine

    I did not expect UN/WHO to officially acknowledge this, but I guess the evidence is too strong to ignore/suppress. The fact that the live viruses in the oral vaccines can mutate and cause completely novel outbreaks should be food for thought even for the most ardent vaccine advocates. Outdated...
  2. haidut

    NIH 'very Concerned' About Serious Side Effect In Coronavirus Vaccine

    Once again, actual except from the article title as seen on CNN. I have never seen NIH, CDC or any other organization involved with vaccines declare that they are "very concerned" about any of them. It is almost a gospel in govt/pharma circles to never raise doubt about any vaccine, no matter...
  3. Giraffe

    Some Opinions Regarding Polio And Polio Vaccinations

    I opened this thread to post some stuff I come across regarding polio. If I cite sources this does not necessarily mean that I agree with them. ..... According to reports polio cases caused by vaccines outnumber wild virus infections. This is what the WHO writes: So say basically they say...