1. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview My 2nd podcast episode with Ray (recorded 10/29) released today.

    It was awesome having Ray on again. He was a big inspiration for me even starting the podcast, I really want to help people become exposed to his information especially in our current state of affairs. This was truly a podcast marathon, lots of rabbit holes, questions and interesting insights...
  2. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview I Interviewed Dr. Peat 09/09/20

    Primitive Initiative Enjoy. He's one of the sharpest people I've talked to.
  3. mrchibbs

    Ray Peat Interviews Podcast Feed Not Updated Anymore?

    Has anyone noticed that the Ray Peat Interviews feed hasn't been updated in more than a month? I could download the latest interviews individually, but I tend to rely on the Podcast app to listen to Ray's stuff. Wonder what's up with this.