1. CosmicDancer444

    Progesterone Periods & PMS

    Progesterone, Periods & PMS: I have heard many good things about women incorporating progesterone to ease PMS symptoms. Seeing as decrease in progesterone indicates start of mensuration, I have been reluctant to use it as I have been worried it may prolong/delay/stop or mess with my period...
  2. CosmicDancer444

    Period Symptoms

    Hi, I wanted to ask for a little advice on Periods symptoms/PMS. It is day 1 of my period & for about 1-2 hrs I have felt weak, cold, shaky, achy & have vomited a few times already. A warm hot water bottle & magnesium help me alleviate cramps & I just have this feeling I need to do deep...
  3. K

    Progesterone Best Practices?

    I've got a bottle of Progest-E in my cart, and before I click buy, I want to clear up some uncertainties I have about progesterone. For some reason I'm a little nervous to use it? 24/F | 5ft.3" | 120 lbs | Eating pretty peaty, while maintaining food freedom / having grace with myself if I eat a...
  4. Dan W

    Vitamin B1 For PMS Symptom Relief

    The effects of vitamin B1 on ameliorating of mental symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome (h/t Flávio, full text here) Dosage / regimen:
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