plastic water bottles

  1. T

    Chelating BPA Advice

    Has anyone had any personal success chelating BPA's/BPS/DEHP from their body? I have read on other threads that keeping the metabolism high with things like thyroid, progesterone, pufa-avoidance is the best protection and I am doing all those things without much luck. However, I think my...
  2. Sapien

    Just how bad is plastic bottled water?

    Since buying and installing a RO filter is out of my budget atm, I drink distilled water from gallon jugs. Is this a better alternative to fluoridated tap water? Any studies that show ppm of plastic in bottled water? Would estrogen antagonists such as vitamin e, Gonadin reduce/eliminate...
  3. JamesGatz

    How can I remove plastic particles from bottled plastic water - is it a lost cause ?

    I have been experimenting with a humidifier for the winter - I notice I breath a lot easier with the humidifier on but I run into the following dilemma (my house is warm due to central heating my family insists on having on) : If I use plastic bottled water for the humidifier it becomes very...
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