1. L

    Does piracetam supplementation increase the need for choline?

    I cannot eat eggs (including the yolk) and dairy products, and my main source of choline is lots of red meat. Would it be o.k. to take piracetam in this case? I don’t want to supplement with choline. I don’t intend to take high doses of piracetam, probably around 1-2.4 gram doses every day for a...
  2. Charlieb91

    Is piracetam potentially dangerous?

    Overdosing abuse is usually the culprit in many of these horror stories but it does raise abit of concern when the anecdotal permanent effects are brain fog, depression and even schizophrenia. Piracetam advocates are aware of this small fraction of people who have suffered these effects and...
  3. Mauritio

    Piracetam study depository

    Piracetam is a great substance and has so many uses ,yet its still not fully understood how it works . Let us collect some studies to paint a better picture on what it does. @Hans @Razvan @Charger @Ismail Here are some studies from my notes: : Here's a very interesting study concerning...
  4. A

    Bromantane vs Piracetam

    I have been hearing a lot of good things from both of these compounds. Bromantane is considerably more expensive than piracetam but sounds very alluring. Piracetam sounds good too and is cheaper. Any one used both, which is better?
  5. Hans

    The Dopamine Dream Team Stack

    I've been looking far and wide and experimenting all over the place with different compounds to get see what gives me the best effects. On my quest of understanding energy metabolism and neurotransmitters, it became obvious that the two are interlinked. So I designed a stack around that. Have a...
  6. S

    A Biophysical Approach To Altered Consciousness, Ray Peat

    http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/1975/pdf/1975-v04n03-p189.pdf Has anyone read this paper?
  7. P

    The Effect Of A Low Dose Of Piracetam On The Activity Of The Dopaminergic System In The Rat Striatum

    [The effect of a low dose of piracetam on the activity of the dopaminergic system in the rat striatum]. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract The low-dose effect (100 mg/kg, intraperitoneally) of the nootropic drug pyracetam on some DA-ergic neurochemical parameters of the rat striatum, as well as on the...
  8. L


    I read some very positive testimonials regarding piracetam so I went ahead and asked dr. Peat about it. He replied: Does anyone here have experience with this?
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