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  1. raypeatclips

    Niacinamide Lowers Blood Phosphate Levels

    I have seen haidut mention this a few times, and I noticed it had not been posted in the forum. (Correct me if I have got this wrong so this can be deleted) Use of Nicotinamide to Treat Hyperphosphatemia in Dialysis Patients Drugs R D. 2013 Sep; 13(3): 165–173. Published online 2013 Sep 3...
  2. P

    How Important Is Calcium In Relative To Phosphorus?

    So far on the peat diet, most of the things seems okay. I feel somewhat better and I sure as hell enjoy the ice cream. But this aspect is something I have had second thoughts about. I just find it unsustainable to drink milk instead of meat. I try to do this as much as possible, and I am giving...
  3. DrJ

    Calcium-Phosphorous Ratio Of Cheeses

    I've recently been having great success by focusing on getting a higher calcium-to-phosphorous ratio in my diet rather than just focusing on calcium. Dr. Peat has said that this ratio is very important: It was pretty eye-opening for me to finally investigate the calcium-phosphorous ratio of...
  4. P

    Micronutrient Intakes Of Wild Primates: Are Humans Different?

    Micronutrient intakes of wild primates: are humans different? - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Low micronutrient intake is implicated in a diversity of human health problems, ranging from problems associated with food insufficiency to those associated with food over-consumption. Humans are members of...
  5. P

    phosphorus intake

    we all here know that a calcium score near or above phosphorus is necessary, but im beginning to think that even so, you don't want Ph intake to be that high. Its been a puzzle to me why I felt the best I ever have when I was a vegan years back eating mostly fruit. Since then I wrecked my health...
  6. Velve921

    Explain Phosphorus Physiology: Why Does Ca : P Ratio Matter?

    I understand that having a 1:1 ca : p ratio is important...can anyone explain how too much phosphorus causes inflammation?
  7. D

    Calcium Requirement Or Ca-P Ratio?

    Is it the calcium/phosphate ratio that is of more importance to your requirements for calcium, or, is it that you need thousands of milligrams per day, regardless?
  8. J

    Milk-Soaked Meat Ca/P Ratio?

    What's the calcium phosphorus ratio of meat soaked in milk?
  9. M


    I had my phosphorous level checked, and it's a little high. Don't know how to do the ratio thing with the calcium, But here are my levels: :mrgreen: Calcium is 9.8 mg/dl Phosphorous 4.3 mg/dl Parathyroid is 15 pg/ml and magnesium is 2.0 mg/dl But on cronometer, now that I'm trying to...