1. C

    Cypro Containing Ferric Pyrophosphate

    Recently I bought some Cyproheptadine and Vitamin B Complex syrup and I noticed it contained some 0.08 grams of Ferric Pyrophosphate for every 1mg of Cypro Given that I'm planning to start taking the cypro regularly I wanted to know if there was potential danger given what Peat has to say about...
  2. P

    Phosphate Supplementation Prevents A Decrease Of Triiodothyronine And Increases Resting Metabolic Ra

    Very much opposite to what ray says! Phosphate supplementation prevents a decrease of triiodothyronine and increases resting metabolic rate during low energy diet. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Thirty overweight women participated in 8 week slimming program consisting of a self-controlled...
  3. raypeatclips

    Niacinamide Lowers Blood Phosphate Levels

    I have seen haidut mention this a few times, and I noticed it had not been posted in the forum. (Correct me if I have got this wrong so this can be deleted) Use of Nicotinamide to Treat Hyperphosphatemia in Dialysis Patients Drugs R D. 2013 Sep; 13(3): 165–173. Published online 2013 Sep 3...
  4. sweetly

    KMUD: Phosphate And Calcium Metablolism (2012)

    I've paraphrased and reworded some stuff from callers and interviewers because they make their statements hideously long for what they're actually saying and provide little useful info. All of Peat's words are 100% as heard, this transcript is unverified but should be almost all correct, feel...
  5. Y

    How Can U Balance Phosphate From Meat With Calcium?

    I realize even eating 1-2 serves of meat/fish per day can stuff things up with calcium/phosphate ratio. Having a look at the phosphate content in other foods like eggs and oysters, it seems they even have a phosphate content of around 200mg or more, when eating a decent serve (75g - 150g). And...