1. Guille Yacante

    This may be the reason why cyproheptadine is the "wonder drug" for so many.

    Because it antagonizes some acetylcholine receptors, not so much because of antiserotonergic or antihistaminic properties. I mean, everything should be held in consideration. Why would one "need a drug" in the first place? Or a supplement? One may have come getting used to be poisoned little...
  2. Rinse & rePeat

    Organics - The Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen

    "Pollution of the environment and food supply by estrogenic chemicals is getting increased attention. Early in the study of estrogens, it was noticed that soot, containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, was both estrogenic and carcinogenic. Since then, it has been found that phenolics and...
  3. Mauritio

    Reversed Evolutuon - Environmental Hormones (documentary French/german)

    A great documentary about why people on average are becoming more and more stupid and how that ties in with environmental toxins, the thyroid and autism . It might not be 100% inline with what peat says but even seeing all those things talked about on mainstream TV is groundbreaking ! I...
  4. M

    Are Pesticides Used On Oranges Estrogenic?

    Organic oranges cost over 3 times as much as conventional oranges in my area, and I was wondering if anybody has any info regarding the types of pesticides used in growing conventional oranges, and if they have any estrogenic inducing properties? As well, how well do orange peels prevent...
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