1. C

    Low Fat Diet Guru John McDougall Eats "800 Calories Of Fat" Daily (Video)

    This video is just a few days old. His diet is now high fat. View: Dr. McDougall is famous for recommending a "starch based," vegan diet of beans, potatoes, peas, corn, greens etc. to everyone unconditionally for around 40 years. The Mcdougall diet is...
  2. Candeias

    Effects of oats on leaky gut in preventing endotoxemia and ameliorated liver damage - Studies

    Peat mentioned the consumption of oats this year, which was unexpected for a lot of people here, here are two interesting studies. Preventing gut leakiness by oats supplementation ameliorates alcohol-induced liver damage in rats "Alcohol caused gut leakiness that was associated with both...
  3. L

    Ray Peat on oatmeal and oat bran

    Has Ray Peat said something new about oatmeal and oat bran?
  4. Apple

    Prof. Gerhard Volkheimer - starch persorption

    Ray Peat: "Around 1988 I read Gerhard Volkheimer’s persorption article, and after doing some experiments with tortillas and masa, I stopped eating all starch except for those, then eventually I stopped those. Besides grains of starch entering the blood stream, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid...
  5. Westside PUFAs

    Persorption Of Starch?

    Do you have any studies to back those claims? Any human studies? Rats don't know how to cook starch. They also don't produce as much amylase as humans. That's called leaky gut and it's bacteria that can lead to sepsis that is the problem. The gut is designed to keep things out. It is extremely...
  6. S

    Dietitians Are Taught to Promote a Certain Amount of Starch in the Diet

    KMUD Radio, The Herb Doctors, 05/15/2015 [1] Passage of particles through the wall of the gastrointestinal tract [2] THE PHENOMENON OF PERSORPTION: PERSORPTION, DISSEMINATION, AND ELIMINATION OF MICROPARTICLES - HISTORY [3] Persorption of raw starch: a cause of senile...
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