1. Mauritio

    The performance enhancing effects of erythromycin

    This study looked at the performance enhancing effects of erythromycin and other anti-biotics in mice, with some pretty interesting results. Erythromycin was very effective at increasing the swimming time in mice. "After intragastric administration for 3consecutive days, erythromycin showed a...
  2. haidut

    Pregnenolone (P5) May Be Ergogenic And Helps Recovery From Exercise

    Take this study with a grain of salt simply because the only link to it is from a scientific conference, which means the study is not yet published in peer-reviewed journals. Yet, the results it reports are quite interesting. Namely, a single 100mg pregnenolone (P5) dose accelerated recovery...
  3. L

    How Caffeine Increases Exercise Performance

    How Caffeine Increases Exercise Performance How Caffeine Improves Exercise Performance
  4. MB50

    Methylene Blue Good Or Bad For Exercise Performance?

    This thought process may be completely wrong, but any clarification would be appreciated. So as I understand it, MB is a nitric oxide scavenger and will reduce the body's levels of N.O. However, during intense bouts of exercise it seems like an acute increase in N.O. is natural and preferred for...
  5. L

    Coffee Enhances Athletic Endurance Performance

    Coffee might be as good as caffeine pills or powder for endurance performance results :D ... 095439.htm
  6. L

    Carbs, Not Fats, Boost Half-marathon Race Performance

    Carbs, not fats, boost half-marathon race performance ... 094542.htm
  7. haidut

    Caffeine And Aspirin Improve Both Mood And Performance

    Human study with low dose of caffeine and moderate dose of aspirin. "...We observed that caffeine (64 mg), when added to aspirin (800 mg), significantly improves vigilance performance and increases self-reported efficiency when compared with either...
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