penis growth

  1. J

    Penile growth SUCESS - 20 weeks DHT gel

    Hi brothers, thought I’d given an update on my DHT gel journey for PE as I’ve finally hit the 20 week mark. I am proud of my modest gains that I have achieved and the confidence boost has been the best part especially the weekly comments I’ve been getting from my girl. AGE: 27 years old...
  2. JamesGatz

    Getting a giant **** naturally is definitely possible - what are the best methods that men have found on this forum ?

    I have been reading many experiences on the internet of men growing their p*nis with exercises (i.e. jelqing - which is a lot of work I am not particularly fond of how it feels - I notice if I softly massage my p*nis without putting in much effort I still get the fantastic blood flow benefits...
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