1. Mauritio

    Parkinsons Disease is not just a dopamine deficieny - mainstream admits

    This study goes along the lines of what haidut has been posting the last years . Namely that parkinsons disease (PD) is not just caused by a dopamin deficiency, but a serotonin excess . I think this is what the study is pointing to , in a very twisted indirect way ... I guess they dont want to...
  2. charlie

    An Open-Label Pilot Study With High-Dose Thiamine in Parkinson's Disease

    The administration of high doses of thiamine to patients with PD was effective in reversing the parkinsonian symptoms; we then suppose that the parenteral thiamine supplementation may play an important role in restoring the survivor neurons and in limiting the disease progression, and that the...
  3. S

    Lisuride Healed My Parkinson

    A year ago I took Lisuride for the first time and after two weeks of uncontrolled use, the tremor in my hands disappeared permanently. Since the tremor sometimes recurs only when I simultaneously feel symptoms of low dopamine ... this is an exact science. Until then I had experienced tremors in...
  4. methylenewhite

    Parkinson’s Begins In The Gut. One More Study

    New evidence of gut-brain connection in Parkinson's disease An important and rigorous new animal study led by scientists at Johns Hopkins University has demonstrated how the misfolded proteins thought to cause Parkinson's disease may...
  5. haidut

    The Protein In Fish, Not Omega-3, May Be Protective Against Brain Disease

    Over the last 2 decades thousands of studies were published on the purported benefits of omega-3 fats commonly found in cold water fish. However, every large human trial with omega-3 either failed to find benefit or even found increased risk of harm. Despite that fact, there is very strong...
  6. P

    Statins May Exert Beneficial Effects Through A Pathway Other Than It's Cholesterol Lowering Action

    Was surprised when saw a study showing statins have positive effects on bones, did a bit of searching and it turned out that it has some positive action,generally, through inhibiting rho kinase, which also is protective against heart disease. Im not promoting statin use at all(for obvious...
  7. haidut

    Lanosterol - Liquid Lanosterol For Lab/R&D

    I guess most people on the forum who have heard of lanosterol know it in the context of treating cataracts. Lanosterol - Wikipedia There is a company out there who used to sell lanosterol as eye drops and it is insanely expensive - $100 for a meager 10mg lanosterol. Anyways, lanosterol is...
  8. haidut

    White-collar Jobs Linked To ALS And Parkinson

    Ever since ALS and Parkinson were formally introduced into the medical vocabulary, the medical industry has been trying to explain their increasing incidence with a variety of bizarre genetic stories. The genetic explanation started to collapse in the late 90s when it became evident that 90% of...
  9. SQu

    KMUD 170317 Endocrinology, Parkinson's 1

    So I just did this, would appreciate it someone would check, I couldn't identify one or two words. Transcribed by SQu KMUD 17-13-17 endocrinology part 1 Parkinson’s Introduction Greets Ray Peat at 2:52 More intro History of medical research from Chinese to19th Century germ theory 5:52 AM...
  10. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 3-17-17 Endocrinology (Part 1): Parkinson's

    Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup A thought-provoking session, worth a listen whether you're interested in Parkinson's disease or not. Donate to support KMUD here.
  11. haidut

    Caffeine Protects Against Dementia (AD), ALS, Parkinson, And Huntington Disease

    The link between caffeine intake and lower risk of neurodegenerative conditions has been established before but the mechanism of action was unknown. This study discovered one possible mechanism and also confirmed the associative findings in vivo using a mouse model. The HED was 150mg - 300mg...
  12. haidut

    5α-Dihydroprogesterone (5α-DHP) - The Primary Progestogen Neurosteroid

    It has been shown that progesterone rapidly metabolizes into more saturated metabolites such as 5α-Dihydroprogesterone (5α-DHP) and tetrahydroprogesterone (also known as allopregnanolone or Allo). The enzyme 5-AR is the one responsible for the saturation, just as it is responsible for the...
  13. haidut

    Vitamin D3 Extends Lifespan By Preventing Toxic Protein Buildup

    Over the last 6-9 months I noticed that often people who communicate with Peat over email get a recommendation to supplement with vitamin D. When asked why, Peat said that he knows quite a few people who recovered from "very serious symptoms" by using vitamin D. Well, this new study shows that...
  14. haidut

    RoundUp (glyphosate) Linked To Alzheimers, Parkinson And ALS

    I posted about a similar study a few months ago, but this time the scientists are directly making the claim that RoundUp is causally involved with these conditions. The mechanism of action is again glycine antagonism / deletion by glyphosate. Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Alzheimer's...
  15. P

    Reduced Plasma Taurine Level In Parkinson's Disease: Association With Motor Severity And Levodopa Tr Abstract PURPOSE: This study aimed to evaluate the level of taurine in plasma, and its association with the severity of motor and non-motor symptoms (NMS) and chronic levodopa treatment in Parkinson's disease (PD). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Plasma...
  16. P

    Vitamin D3 Transactivates The Zinc And Manganese Transporter SLC30A10 Via The Vitamin D Receptor

    Vitamin D3 transactivates the zinc and manganese transporter SLC30A10 via the Vitamin D receptor. - PubMed - NCBI Vitamin D3 regulates genes critical for human health and its deficiency is associated with an increased risk for osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension...
  17. Soren

    Parkinson's Disease

    Hi guys. When my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) I began doing a lot of research. I knew from the offset that the traditional mainstream view of the pathology of PD would most likely be wrong or have major holes in it. As I did my research this became abundantly clear. There...
  18. P

    Some Pentoxifylline Studies

    Pentoxifylline Reverses Oxidative Mitochondrial Defect in Claudicating Skeletal Muscle The effect of pentoxifylline on filterability of normal red blood cells and their adhesiveness to cultured endothelial cells - Springer Pentoxifylline Neuroprotective Effects Are Possibly Related to Its...
  19. K

    Supplements For Parkinson Disease

    Hi all, My uncle is diagnosed with Parkinson, which is very bad news of course. It is good to finally understand what is going on, but the traditional outlook for Parkinson is not that good. I think that he is not someone that will change his diet too radically (I can try of course), so that...
  20. Mr Rossi

    Thiamine (b1) Reverses Parkinson Disease In Humans - Before/after Videos

    Before and After videos: Videos Parkinson's Patients before and after treatment - Ultima Edizione.Eu Andrea: come ho combattuto il Parkinson. Video - Ultima Edizione.Eu Costantini: the secret lies in a massive dosage of Thiamine. Parkinson suffers a terrible strik - Ultima Edizione.Eu